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Delusion or Illusion?

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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Im not too sure... I was just trying to fnid something to write about, and well... this came out. :P

Is there something you wont share?
Is this really all there is?
Have I no hope for affection?
For anything more than this friendship?

These Tears I shed for you...
Because of you...
Have they all been held up in vain?
Because I have yet to have a reason
For all this useless pain

Yet I still hang on tight
Hoping there is something left
Praying that not all life sadness
Or the grief thats left unrest
Because my heart still lives
Still pounding
Beating through the bleeding

So please stay by me...
Tell me, "Is there hope?
Or am I just being foolish?
To think this love
When its a hoax..."

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