McDonald's Supersized Me - Chapter 1

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McDonald's Supersized Me

by Piglet

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The tobacco industry gets a vicious padding for the harm they are doing to the health of the nation. I think the greasy fast food franchises should get the same.


I first went to McDonald's when I was only three
My Grandpa Irving took me there and sat me on his knee
After that day I was hooked and I just kept on going back
I was just a Quarter Pounder then, but now I'm a Big Mac

I blame it all on Ronald! McDonald's supersized me!
I was growing larger daily, which shouldn't have surprised me
As a kid I'd eat three happy meals and throw away the toys
And pilfer all the french fries from the other girls and boys

My doctor said I can't go to McDonald's anymore
And I don't... but it wasn't Doc's advice, I can't fit through the door!

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