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Attack of the Evil Boxer Short

by Keenarnor

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A story about a race of boxer shorts that land on Earth and get killed along with the dinosaurs. One survives and hibernates until present day. He reaks havoc, and insanity pursues. Based on a comic I made. Thanks for 100 hits everyone! You all rock!

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Chapter 1, Chapter 1: The Beginning

Attack of the Evil Boxer Shorts



Chaptor 1: The Beginning





We start our story a long time ago, 650 million years to be precise. A race of boxer shorts has landed on Earth. Bob and Steve went around looking for food on the prehistoric planet. “Dude this planet sucks. There’s nothing here!” Steve said angrily. “Well should we go back to the settlement then?” asked Bob. “Yeah there’s no food out here anyway.” Steve replied. He turned around to find Bob looking at a giant asteroid heading straight towards them. “Aw crap...” they both said as it hit them and completely obliterated everything around them. Hours later, Bob awoke to find the land scorched and Steve dead. “Nooooooooooo!” he yelled as he fell to the ground. Realizing what happened, he made a decision. “I have to look for survivors” he said as he ran back to the settlement to find the same fate. “Noooooooo!” he yelled again as he saw all his people destroyed. “There is only one way to survive….suspended animation.” he said as he walked to a nearby cave.





Now we move to the present. It is the year 2006 A.D., and Mike is once again late for class. “Man I’m sooo late.” he said as he ran to his class. He opened the door to find Mr. Hippie teaching the class. “Hey there Mr. Hippie, sorry I’m late again.” said Mike as he sat in his seat. “It’s ok little dude. I won’t get mad like the “man” will” he said in his usual stereotypic voice. “Now take your seat and start the work.” Mike sat in his seat and began his work.





Elsewhere, in a cave at the other end of town, a yellow glow came from inside of a cave. Seconds later, it exploded. Emerged from the debris, was Bob…and he was pissed. “Now that I have this new power, I can rule the world! Mwa ha ah!” he laughed as he began to walk down the street. He eventually ran into a man who was shocked at what he saw. “What the heck are you supposed to be huh? Are you some little experiment gone wrong? You’re such a freak!” said the man laughing. Bob just stood there staring at him until he stopped laughing. “What are you looking at huh?” said the man confused. Bob started to laugh and hit him with one of his eye lasers. “I’m Rick James biznatch!” he said standing over his body. “Hey no your not!” said another man who got killed too. Bob continued his killing spree as he approached the local school.





School had just let and Mike put his things in his locker. “Man, I really hate Mr. Hippie. I think I’ll transfer to another class.” he said as he walked to the end of the hallway. Before he knew it, Mr. Hippie burst through the doors. “Run for your lives man, some freaky thing is coming!” he said as he tried to run but got hit with a laser. “I can’t believe he’s finally gone! Hey everyone, Mr. Hippie is dead!” Mike yelled to everyone else in the hallway. Everyone cheered and sang. Angels came through the ceiling to rejoice. “Um…sorry guys but that’s kind of over kill” he said as they left. “Wait…who killed him though?” he asked all the other students. “I did!” said a voice coming from the doorway. They all looked in awe and started to laugh. It pissed Bob off so much he killed everyone in the room except for Mike. “Whoa dude! Was that really necessary?” he asked as he freaked out. “Yes it was, and what are you going to do about it?” he asked. “I’m going to call the Super Friends!” he said as he pushed a button on his watch. “Wow that sure is original.” Bob said sarcastically. After 10 minutes, they finally crashed through the roof. “It’s time to die evil villain!” they said all at once. “Ok then, bring it!” Bob said as the fight started.



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