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A Betrayed Heart's Plee

by CaracalDemoness

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I couldn't stop crying when I wrote the rough draft. I couldn't stop crying with the final, either.

When I see you there,
Hanging with your friend,
I start to cry and wonder,
Will the torment never end?

I used to brush it off,
The sneers and the remarks,
But now its been five years,
And now this heart is scarred.

Too long I've been alone,
Too long have I been picked on,
Too much have I longed,
For somewhere to belong.

You might see me sometimes,
Then again, maybe not.
I roam around alone,
My heart is in a square knot.

No, I've got no friends,
Who'll support me to to the last,
No one who understands
That my heart is a broken glass.

So go ahead, make fun of me,
Say that I'm a jerk,
'Cause when you get your report card,
I'll get to wear a smirk.

When someone dies,
Someone that I'm close too,
I just suck it up a say,
"One day, I'll be up there, too."

When something doesn't go my way,
I won't throw a fit.
Although it's not to say
That I will ever forfeit.

So go ahead and tease me,
Go ahead and laugh,
'Cause when it all comes down to it,
I'll still be better at math!

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