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My Love

by VSM**

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Bulma's inside conflicts on her relationship with Vegeta.

My Love

From Bulma to Vegeta

I love you so much... I would do anything for you. I'm patient with you, understanding and I would wait for you until the end of time. Just so you can hold me and kiss me, tell me how much you love me.

I do everything for you, even if you don't appreciate it, I will still do whatever you want me to do. I need you so much it actually hurts sometimes. I just want you to be next to me, looking into my eyes, carressing my cheek, softly tracing my lips with yours.

You ignore me sometimes or you are busy with other things, that hurts more than you can imagine. I'm here yet you do not acknowledge that I am and you do not know what it does to me when you ignore me. Normally when two people love each other, they want to spend as much time together as possible, that isn't the case with us... not anymore.

I remember when we first met, it was so vibrant, so passionate and so much fun. We would spend hours talking about everything, our lives, what we liked, how we felt. We made each other laugh and I couldn't wait until I could see you again and talk to you again. Now, I will be lucky if I even get an "hello" when I see you.

I used to remember when I had no doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, now I am not to sure. I love you, yes, more than anything in this world, in this universe. But the way you have been treating me lately, makes my heart shatter.

You are mean, you treat me like I mean nothing to you. You put me down, over and over again. You break my heart in two. I used to think that when "your heart breaks" it is just a description of something that isn't real and that cannot literally happen. I have learnt that it is. The pain, is on the inside, ripping you apart, you can hardly breathe and you just want to scream... try and scream away the pain or curl up in a little ball and just hope and wait for the pain to go away. It doesn't though... and you have made me feel this way.

I have thought of it... of ending us. But then I think about the good times we have had, making each other happy. And I hold onto that and in turn I hold onto us. When I think about life without you, I want to cry. But when I think about life with you... I also want to cry.

I wish we could go back to what it used to be like, the time when you made me feel so very special, when you made me feel good about who I was and when you made me feel so much love for you. I know that won't happen though, how can it when you do not want to spend time with me and when you treat me like I am something that can just be used and then thrown aside.

My love for you will make me stay by your side. Even if it hurts, I will always be by your side, maybe in time I will feel differently, but for now I cannot bear the though of not being with you.

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