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Do you love me or not......

by miko

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kikyo is dead...can inuyasha love kagome now that shes gone.....and is naraku really dead?............

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Chapter 1, who do u love.....

New Page 1

"Its been 3 days since we killed naraku. I've returned to my own time because theirs no point in going back. Sango went back to the demon slayers village with kohaku,and miroku went back to the temple.

Its just inuyasha and shippo now. Sure we need to find the last shikon shard, but after that what reason will I have for returning?
What am I supost to say?! oh, hey inuyasha I just wanted to tell you I love you so do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?!

knock, knock..... "hey kagome inuyasha's here!!"
"Oh no, what do I do!? what do I say?!"
"tell him to come in." Then in came her half demon friend who had long silver hair,dog ears,and wearing the cloth of the fire rat.

"hey kagome what you up to?"

"oh nothin much, just thinking."

*thinking of you ! if only I could tell him that!*
Then their was a long silence,
*I wonder why he came? why isnt he saying anything!?*kagome thought
*does she want me to leave? why isnt she saying anything?!* inuyasha thought

*Well I have to tell her.* "kagome their's something I want to tell you, you see I.."

a small fox demon ran into the room.

"What is it shippo?!!"
shippo was so histarical. "Naraku is  alive!!"

"WHAT!!" inuyasha's mind was racing *he was dead I killed him! how can this be!*

then shippo interrupded his thoughts.
"Inuyasha im sorry! but....He stabed kikyo!!"

"WHAT!!" inuyasha yelled as he was filled with hatred.

"I dont know if she dead! I came strait to tell you!" shippo said as he was panting.

"Oh no, kikyo! shippo lead me there!"

they were just about to leave when kagome interrupted."Im coming to!"  

"NO! you stay here dont you follow me!!" inuyasha snaped at her.

"Lets go shippo!" inuyasha said

"right!"shippo said bravely.

Then they jumped threw kagome's window and went strait to the well.

"Why cant I come? does he not want me to see kikyo dead or diying? kagome thought. If Naraku is alive then sango and miroku are in danger!! I have to go back! kohaku could kill sango!!

I wonder what happend to miroku? did his wind tunnel come back!!?"

At that moment kagome got the shards,her bow and arrows and went threw the well.

"I have to tell inuyasha! where did he go!" kagome said as she ran into the forest.

Then suddenly the forest started to glow. kagome saw kikyo's soul catchers and decided to follow them.
then at the end of the forest she saw kikyo and inuyasha.

"Where's shippo? she thought. "Maybe he went back to the village to get help...huh?" she whispered.

"kikyo are you ok?"inuyasha whispered as he looked at her wound.

" did you find me?" kikyo said a little shaken.

"that doesnt matter! what matters is you!"inuyasha said looking at her softly.

"he's still in love with her...but why...?" kagome said under her breath.

"Why do you care? you are in love with that girl." kikyo said as he turned away from him.

"but you are the first one I loved, I cant just pretend that didnt happen." inuyasha said as he saw tears in kikyo's eyes.  

"you say that as if we are ment to be together,as if we could live our life together." kikyo whispered.

"We still can! kikyo dont go!"inuyasha was on the brink of tears too.

"inu..yasha kiss me.." kikyo said breaking off a little.

Then inuyasha started to lift kikyo up so that she was siting. Blood driping down his hand from the wound on her back. "Kikyo...." they lean into each other and kiss like they never want to let go. When they break apart kikyo gives her final words.

"Inuyasha...I will always love you...heaven or hell...I will always love you..Im sorry" kikyo's eyes closed and she lived no more.

Tears entered inuyasha's eyes as kikyo gave her final breath. Then as he set kikyo down rage entered his face.

"I WILL AVENGE YOU KIKYO!!! NARAKU WILL DIE!! I PROMISE!!"inuyasha's heart was consumed with nothing but hatred for naraku.

Then inuyasha suddenly smells kagome. "you saw everything didnt you?"

then kagome comes out from behind the tree her eyes are watery as tears flood down her face.

But she changes the subject.

"Who do you love?" she says quietly.  

"what?"inuyasha said confused.

"WHO DO YOU LOVE??!!!"kagome yells this time with anger she had never felt before.

"I....I dont know anymore, but.."
before he could finish kagome turns around and heads back for the village,leaving inuyasha behind.....
                (End of chapter one)

(what do you think so far? well its going to get better!)

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