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The Rescue

by Razor-Tipped Pen

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Unlikly heros embark on a rescue mission,

I sat in silence in my prison cell. Shutting out the screams and moans of the other inmates. Looking off into space and rocking back and forth on my bunk bed. The sadness, the despair, the hate boiled up inside me waiting to explode as the screams pound into my head. Driving me crazy. The moonlight seeps in through the bars of my window, casting a shadow of hopelessness. My bloodied hands were bound together with dirty gauze. Remembering what I did to that man. How I remembered killing him with my own hands. Shaking, I decided to walk around. As I begin to sat up, A ball of rolled up paper flew into my window. Hitting me in head before falling to the floor. Looking up at the window and down at the paper. I picked it up and unfolded it. “The time to be awaken is now. Look out the window” It read in black marker. I walked over to the window. And hoisted myself with my arms to look out. Sure enough, four people in the darkness, stood in a row below my window. The person nearest my window was a black male around his 40’s. He wore ragged clothes such as one homeless would wear. He pulled out a marker and begin to graffiti all over the wall of the prison wall. Writing to warn people of governmental conspiracies and Aliens.
“Hey stop that! Your wasting enough time by doing that shit. We got bigger things to attend to!” A sloppy pale looking woman screamed. Her face was a mess as her body was almost a mere skeleton. Her clothes that were way too uncut and revealing clung desperately on her. She took out something from her pocket and begin to snort it through her nose.
“ To tell him about the rainbows? The rainbows speak truths you know…” The third figure stepped out of the shadows. His tie-dyed clothes and 70’s sunglasses were bright in the moonlight. Wearing no shoes and sporting a huge afro.
“No! of course not, you imbecile! We’re here to aid the sky boys in their quest to defeat the fish aliens! Our job is to chronicle their adventures, or else their history is for naught!” An old man yelled from the bushes. His coke bottled glasses and white beard were distinctive as the cashmere shirt and pants were to the rest of the group. He stood with a limp as He held a large book titled “ Adventures of the Sky Boys”
The three begin to argue loudly bickering one another like children. The homeless man continued writing his warnings in huge letters. Aching from my own weight hanging on the bars, I called out to them. “Hey!… guys? What are you doing here?” The instant I spoke, they stopped and turned to me slowly. Staring at my tired eyes. The homeless man capped his marker and walked up to my window.
“ There is….is…is…a girl…Lost..” He stuttered. Shaking and muttering over words as he trailed off to find a new wall to write on.
“Out there….and in here…” The woman with the coke problem said.
“And she is hurting…inside.” The hippie said calmly as he begin to meditate and begin to levitate in midair.
“ Real bad. She must be saved or else…” The old man grumbled under his breath. Glaring up and down me with a haughty look.
“ WILL YOU JOIN US?” They all called up.
Before I could protest to them that I cant get out, The walls around the window begin to crack. It started out small but slowly, a huge fissure and large cracks begin to crumble underneath my weight. The wall gave away with me on it as I fell to the prison yard below. Landing with a thud I groaned in pain as my bloodied hands took most of the force of the fall. I felt multiple hands grabbed me and pulling me away. Towards the hole in the barb-wire fence ten feet away. The alarm bellowed and search lights scanned the area in hopes of finding their prisoner. But we were long gone.
It was sometime around midnight. All five of us walking through an empty street. Not knowing what happens next. My four rescuers lead me down a steep hill towards a large junkyard. The homeless man broke the chains to the gate and went inside. I didn’t know their names, nor did I wanted to as we sat around a makeshift campfire. We didn’t talk. Just gazing our eyes into the flames thinking. I might as well give them nicknames. The homeless man would now be called Bum. Seems appropriate, as he dressed the part. The bum warmed his hands before taking out that marker of his and begin to write on the cars.
The pale skinny woman next to me would be called Mrs. Coke. She was too busy snorting up the stuff ever since we ran from the prison yard, Even while she was running. Of course I would call the tie-dyed wearing person, Hippie. He looked relax as he still levitate off the ground in his meditation state. As for the old man. Well…Old man. He looked more normal then any other I suppose.
“ What are we doing here? I thought we were going to save a girl? Isn’t that why you guys asked me for my help?” I asked after the long silence.
“ Patience….We need not to rush this. We meet with the great one. We sit…..and we wait We will wait further instructions when he comes to meet us.” Hippie said in a monotone voice. I was confused as to what he was talking about when out of the darkness, a tall man in a black suit walked into the light of the fire. His white long hair hung at his shoulders. His top hat and cane made him look fragile as he stared at all of us with round glasses making him look blind. In fact he was blind as he was holding onto the reins of a seeing-eye dog. The German Sheppard panted from the night heat and sat down. Titling it head at us with glass eye.
“You’re the rescue team?” a gruff voice came.
My confusion was made point where the voice was coming from. The blind man was not moving his lips but only stared dead ahead with those vacant eyes.
“Hey, down here bud.” The gruff voice spoke again. I looked down and to my surprised, the dog was staring at me and shaking his head. “ You team leader here?”
At first I was in shock. A dog! Talking! I was taken aback and found my composure. Team leader? What did he mean by that? I thought. I looked over to the others and they were all nodding their heads in agreement. As if they too were afraid of this canine. I sighed. “ I might as well be.”
“Well then, I will brief you on your mission. There is a girl out there who is lost and hurting. I have reason to believe that the fish aliens have captured her mind and holding her against her will. So all of you are going to find her and bring back home. So, any questions?” The dog said as he sat up yawning.
The others begin to ask questions even stupider then the next. None of which was related to this mission. Such as whether governments were really planning conspiracies or if the Sky Boys should aid us.
Shaking my head, I asked the dog why we should help him rescue this girl and why he trusted complete different unlikely heroes to do the job. The dog looked up at me, glad from not answering a stupid question. “ You’re all here because you are chosen ones to awaken. You are the only ones who answered the call for help. No ordinary person would have come. That is why you are capable. This girl your saving, is just an ordinary person like all of them out there. But she is still human. No importance to the world and maybe not even to most of you. But she is definitely important to someone who cares for her. Okay team, now remember, Little girl hurting! And you’re the crack team. Erg, no offence.” The dog said staring at Mrs. Coke.
As the five of us left the junkyard, Mrs. Coke came up to me. “ How are we suppose to find a missing girl? I mean we don’t even have a single clue to where she is. All we know, she could be at the other end of the world!” I agreed and nodded. There was absolutely no way, we can waste any time. Someone’s life was at stake. That’s when the Hippie stepped in. “I have been meditating for a long time on her whereabouts, and the rainbows have showed me the way. Come comrades, they lead us to her!” He pointed at the road as if the very rainbow itself was making a path.
I couldn’t see them but just an empty street. The fog was settling in around us blocking our view of the large buildings that towered over us. I might as well been nuts like the rest of these guys, but I decided to follow Hippie on the trail he pointed out. “ Lead the way rainbow man.”
As we were walking, the old man begin writing in his Sky Boy book as the same goes for the bum. Still writing how the government was communicating with aliens behind our backs. The fog now surrounded us. Trapping us within. I motioned for everyone to press on. Hippie had to crawl on bended knees to make out the trail of his rainbows. Suddenly, we weren’t in the dark city anymore. The fog vanished and we found ourselves in a wasteland. Bodies of people lay scattered everywhere in pieces. Fire and brimstone licked the air in flickering light. The sky was cloudy with smoke while buildings were reduce to nothing but rust.
“ What a dump” was all Mrs. Coke had to say.
A massive shadow loomed behind us slowly, covering a quarter mile of rubble in a wave of black. All of turn around quickly and saw the biggest flying fish we had ever seen. Looking like a specimen of a rainbow trout, It was bigger then any blimp or building as it floated there staring down at us. We screamed as it opened it’s colossal jaws and spewed out the fish aliens with tridents. Half men and half fish. The creatures rained down on us. They roared in fury as they landed on the ground and came charging towards us. Yes, we screamed like pussies. Yes, we ran like sissies. But there was no way in hell we were going to die.
We ran into an abandoned warehouse and fortified the door. In the back of my mind I was wondering what the hell I signed up for this mission for. The others were no help at all as they started to freak out on me. The old man was actually talking to his book. Crying out for his beloved Sky Boys to come rescue them. The bum was covering one wall of the warehouse with black marker in five minutes. Indicating where the secrets to the government lay. Both Hippie and Mrs. Coke were huddled in the corner rocking back and forth muttering about rainbows and fishes. I was the only one trying my best to blockade the splintering double doors, screaming.
Loud, thunderous gunfire could be hear outside. We grew quiet as the screams from those monstrosities. We waited in anticipation as newer voices were heard. The door was pummeled upon from outside and eventually broke through my weak barricade. What came in was not a fish alien, but a tank. It rolled into a stop in front of me, inches from my face as I stood breathing nervously. The hatch of the tank opened up and a head in a fish bowl popped out. It was a kid. No doubt a boy around twelve or thirteen years old. He looked around at us but stopped when he met his gaze upon the old man.
“ Captain! We receive you message for help sir!” the little sky boy shouted with a salute.
“ We followed that man’s trail of coded messages Sir! But we lost the trail along the way. So we were able to pinpoint your location through the GPS system you have in your hands now Sir!” The sky boy pointed at the book the old man was yelling at earlier. “ Follow me, I will escort you from the danger zone Sir! We are engaging in mortal combat with the enemy now!”
I motioned the hippie to lead us again with his rainbows to find the girl. Escorted by the tank, we jumped out of the freezer and into the frying pan as the battle of the sky boys and fish aliens do battle. Stray bullets and tridents hit the side of the tank as we watched in awe. The massive flying fish above us still hovered In the air like a giant spaceship. Infinitely spitting out millions of evil minions.
“We have to help them! There’s too many! There going to lose this battle with we don’t do something about that thing up there!” Mrs. Coke called out.
“But how? We don’t exactly have the fire power to take that thing that huge down!” The old writer yelled back.
I looked up at the blimp-like fish and nodded with despair. “There’s nothing we can do, we have to find that girl now before its too late.”
Hippie out of nowhere ran into the battle field including Mrs. Coke. I tried to stop them but the Old man held me back. The two ran down the bloody field, dodging the onslaught of bullets and tridents till they were right underneath the flying fish. The Hippie’s eyes glowed and shot out a humongous rainbow beams that smashed the underbelly of the monster. Mrs. Coke’s hallucinations from the drugs she took earlier shot out into reality. Shaped in the form of fishes, the missile like projectiles exploded on impact.
With the surprise assault, the gigantic fish exploded in the sky and fell headfirst towards the earth. The sky boys cheered and charged full force into the Fish Alien fleet. As the sky boys finished off the evil race, Me and the others moved quickly to the holding towers where the girl was being held captive. We entered through the door and stood still in the darkness of the elevator that lifted us upwards to the top. The doors opened and found ourselves in a long hallway of doors. The door across from us was lit from the inside and load noises would be heard.
“OH GOD! GET OFF ME!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!” A screamed echoed through the hall. We immediately rushed the door. All of us pounding one by one against the wooden shield of the room. Harder and harder we slam our shoulders into it. Her screams of fear filled each of us a sense of panic and frustration. Pushing ourselves to the limit to save someone in need. Someone who wasn’t less fortunate then all of us. Someone we hardly ever knew in our lives. To save a life.
The door gave way in splintering victory. I rush in first, never caring what was about to happen. The fish Alien Overlord Kneeled over her, humongous in size and human-like in appearance, it was preparing to take her life and dignity. The girl laid on her back on the bed screaming and twisting to get away. The monster had already ripped her pants off and was going for her panties by holding her down.
Without thinking, I threw my body like a quarterback against the monster. We both fell on the side of the bed as we wrestled to get up. I managed to get on top and slammed my fist again and again into its fish face. Over and over I beat my fist into its face until my knuckles bleed again like before through the bandages. Finally the thing gave a gurgle of blood and fell silent. I got up and inspected my wounds. The skin tore away to the bone. Then I looked at the frighten faces of my comrades. And then I turned to look at her. She hugged a pillow as she stared at me with long sad eyes.
“Hey, I know your hurt and I should know, I hurt too. So come on, lets go home.” I said holding out my hand. She stared at my bloody hands. Quivering from the impact of blows I had inflicted upon the thing lying dead at my feet. She then looked up at my eyes and she saw pain and suffering. She didn’t take my hand but she hugged me till we both cried.
Cindy got out of bed and walked to the living room where her mother sat crying with the family doctor. On the velvet couch, Mrs. Evans wiped her tears with a napkin. “But…but she has been in a coma for FOUR YEARS after that incident! She can’t just get up and walk!”
The doctor looked at her with sympathy and hopeless expression on his face.
“ We have to try to wake her up Mrs. Evans. But we can’t do anything for you if you can’t pay for the life support for another year. The act of rape is serious for a girl her age. Might I suggest we…”
The doctor trailed off as he stared in bewilderment at Cindy with absolute shock. Her mothers notice the doctor’s expression and turned to see her daughter standing in the living room with her sweats on.
“Cindy? Is that really you?” Mrs. Evans spoke softly.
“Hi mom, I….I’m home.” Said Cindy as she walked over to hug her mom.
The doctor still shocked at this miracle, smiled and let himself out the door. Leaving the Kodak moment.
“Mom, I saw this boy, and he was hurting just like me. So I gave him a hug. Then there was a funny man who sees rainbows , a homeless man, a funny lady, and a writer.”
“Wow, You must have been on quite an adventure.” Said Mrs. Evans.
“Mom, the boy I saw…Why was he hurting?”
Mrs. Evans fell silent for a moment, contemplating the answer. “I guess something sad happened to him Cindy. You look tired, why don’t we put you back to bed?”
“ No mom, I already did that most of my life.” Cindy said calmly as she petted Barnabus, the family’s pet German Sheppard. She then picked up her dead goldfish that was spilled from her nightstand.
“It’s time I stop hurting and live.” She then tossed the dead goldfish out the window. Tossing it back to the dreams she once knew.

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