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Dragon Twins- 2003

by ArkillianDragon

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Dragon Twins is a medieval fantasy story about a family of defenders and their legacy to defend the world against the Drakobius- a force of pure evil. Most of my art comes from this story. This story is an unfinished cause the first chapter is too long. I want to post some of it here though ^^ Note the date in the title ^^

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Chapter 1, The Mysterious Prince

Dragon Twins- 2003

Untouched by the evolution of man- a falling world cried in pain, as it was watched over by a famished, bloodthirsty race. War had let loose in a world once filled with the hopes and dreams of millions of souls.  

Amidst the outcries of the broken people, a lone knight turned to the heavens for an answer. Falling to his knees- pleading to the sky, his heart opened to hope. His world was torn, mangled, and drained of all it’s worth, by the greed of an alien race, and his own kind. Robbed of all of his energy from escaping the seemingly endless battle, he turned his last living moments to the black sky, at the apex of Dagger peak. As he prayed for an answer to the world’s problems, a tear crawled down his face. Then another. And another. A tear for every life lost. Lost, because they couldn’t stop them.  

The tears ran down his hardened face, and eventually splattered onto the cold, empty ground, absorbing into the dry range. All in a moment, a ray of light parted the darkened sky, and fell from the heavens upon him. Magic screamed through his veins, blasting the memories of the gruesome battle with light. Opening his eyes into the beam, two silhouettes stood before him.

Gasping as the shadows blend together into a tight ball of light before his eyes could define what he saw, beams of power shot out over the vast lands from where the middle aged man knelt. Humbly, the man fell to the ground one last time, screaming in vain as his spirit was torn out of his very body.

From the midst of this pure hearted warrior, a cry of justice sang. The man eventually rose to a stand, drawing a blood stained broad sword from his scabbard, narrowing his eyes down at the pale blue shadows below. Lucius Dragon was born.  

The hopes and dreams of molten steel then formed a new age. Phauroraland: The age of the Arkillian Dragon. Paladin to the new world…  


Chapter one

~:Year 988:~ The high castle:~

“I just don’t know what to do anymore. I am completely powerless against them,” A man wept, wiping his face miserably. “Those Luquahlians are just too fast. Too smart... I have to do something about it now.” 

The melancholic male of around the age of forty, leant meercat like off the side of his balcony, gazing toward the festive lands of the vast kingdom below him. Rockets of colour and flame soared throughout the night sky; that night, being the only night of the year that Phauroraland ever had a black night sky.  

It was believed that when the night sky became black, that it would be the time that their defender, the Arkillian Dragon, were at their strongest, and would rise to defend their country from all evil. It was also believed that the sky only turned dark, because the world would lose all of its magic for a twenty four hour period, leaving all life forms vulnerable to an unspoken evil. A random evil… but it was only a belief- whispers from dark books of horrors to past from its foretelling. Warnings that spoke of the birth of the first Arkillian Dragon blooded Drakobitus in one thousand years. Stories that kept this man up at night, in blind fear- fear, that this generation’s Drakobitus was the one to end it all. The ultimate Dragon Slayer.  

 Brushing back his chocolate, and wheat coloured, shoulder length hair in anxiety, he had spent these last few moments twitching a gallant ring on his left hand as he waited.

Watching the excitement of the Fire Festival down below him, even the beliefs of the festival couldn’t comfort the middle-aged man from his troubles. This generation’s Drakobitus had been stirring up trouble in the farther lands, and it only a matter of time before it landed in his Kingdom, and his local providence- West Firedore. Until the enema struck, however, he chose to alarm only a few select people. It was times like these, he’d rather see his people dancing around merrily, celebrating the possible coming of the once a millennium fire Arkillian Dragon.  

His golden eyes glazed into the sky then, as he pondered. This generation’s Drakobitus was still young- he had once hoped the child would spend his energy doing random killings, rather than a full on attack of his country, like the other Drakobitus, but he knew this one was different. He had quickly grown a taste to fighting, and at the age of one, he already stood his own in a battle. The King didn’t have a choice. It was only a matter of time before he’d have to face him.

"You hailed me your highness?” A soft voice called from behind the distracted man. “Please excuse my son. We were at the Fire Festival.”  

“The only place to find an Arkillian Dragon,” The man sniffed jokingly, wiping the last of his forlorn off his face, straightening out the sky blue crown on his head, as his mind ran though his plans for the tenth time. “This however, is no time for playing with fire.”  

“Hmm? Pardon your majesty? What are you implying?” The voice replied.  

“I’m implying that you need to assemble the biggest and best army in the whole of Phauroraland.” Turning around swiftly, the king faced the owner of the perplexed voice.  

The last of the elite knights for another ten years- the only fully-grown Arkillian Dragon was before him. Standing proud, at around five foot eleven, with brunette locks cascading down a stern jaw line; as did his son’s, the middle-aged man’s peaceful, yet experienced hazel eyes inspected the room slowly.   

His presence was a shroud of tranquility, a composure that could only come from many hours of deep meditation. A state of collectiveness that only the most highly trained wizards prized, and put their self through. His ability to learn anything three times faster than any smart, or gifted man had transformed him into the most formidable fighter in the country, even when he was at the age of five. He alone, was one of the most dangerous Arkillian Dragon ever known to date, because of his dangerous combination of incredible sword play, and vast magic knowledge.   

Wandering into the room further, the gob-smacked man, clothed in a semi-formal dressage approached, armed only with a sword, and the young boy- his son, hanging off his arm shyly.  

The father’s confused hazel eyes continued to scan the emperor for any signs of uncertainty, “You have conquered most of Firedore and Kemponia. What ever for?”  

“To kill off those pandemic Luquahlians!” The king hissed sourly, crushing the blood out of his own fist. “They are the bane of my existence. That Drakobitus has been sending small armies to scare all of the neighboring kingdoms. I have no doubt that he is in Firedore this very moment. He must be aware of you coming into my kingdom those years ago. Faricah warned you of living here. It’s not natural for a Dragon to settle down!”  

“Calm down your Highness!” The man cried, trying to soothe the distressed sovereign. “Most Luquahlians can kill five men which are attacking them at the same time. Easily. Isn’t there a better way? I can only defeat three at a time, at most. Maybe I could defeat four of them… if they were inexperienced. I’m just not strong enough. Even if I managed to equal the Luquahlian numbers with Arkillians, there will be casualties if the Drakobitus is there. Many casualties.”  

“We will win with sheer numbers. I know we will!” The king reassured with confidence. The paladin shook his head however.  

“Not with the Luquahlians.” The Dragon’s defiance slowly bled the royalty’s golden eyes a steamy orange as his patience began to shorten. These weren’t the words he wanted to come out of the man’s mouth.  

"Desmond Dragon, that is a direct order! Gather an army and annihilate that pestilence!”  

“I... I wont!” Desmond gritted his teeth, looking down at his son longingly.  

Looking back up at his father with an innocent expression, the young boy’s eyes tipped with tears, as he seemed to sence his father’s cool begin to drain away. “I’ve worked so hard to spend time bringing up my son, Blaze. I can’t just run off to my doom! He doesn’t have a mother… She died the day of his birth.”  

“What is one life to millions of others?” The king charged, stepping closer to the knight. “Your sacrifice could save the survivors of Firedore. Possibly all of Phauroralands’ if you managed to kill the Drakobitus too.”  

“No!” Desmond bellowed. “Do not get me started on how many warriors I’ll need to think of fighting them, let alone how many will survive it! I am an Arkillian Dragon, and I may love to fight, but I am not crazy!” Raising his hand before the King could rebut his comment; he halted the discussion for a moment to regain his composure. Desmond closed his burning eyes.  


Turning away from the opposing man, he took his time to rest his breath. His eyes opened, and focused on a nearby oak door. He sighed deeply, “I refuse to let Blaze see me angry. I will leave now your highness.”  


“Are you refusing a direct order?” The king cried, jerking the man around. “You will fight if you know what’s good for you.”  


“I do not need to fight!” Desmond hissed, forcing the king’s back into a nearby wall. His eyes flared an umber colour, as the intensified look in his normally flowing eyes grew. “It is more sensible to defend Phauroraland from the greater damage Drakobitus does until Blaze turns 16, when he’s a fully grown Dragon. That way, there would be two Dragons. We’ll have two trump cards. The maximum number of Arkillian Dragon at one time.”  




“Please trust me!” Desmond pleaded in angst. “I feel that Blaze will become far stronger than I could ever become. He maybe… no, I know- Blaze has to be the one!”  


Perking his young ears in curiosity at his father’s words, Blaze’s eyes concentrated on his father’s expression for a moment. He had never seen him so quick-tempered in his life.  


“Cut out this ‘one’ nonsense Dragon!” The king roared back, trying in vain to pan out of Desmond’s powerful grip. “You are ‘the one’ that will get out there and destroy all of those Luquahlians.”  


“I will not deny Firedore the chance of a fully grown Dragon!”  


“You will fight if you know what’s good for you!”  


“Shut up you arrogant fool!” A foreign voice charged. Desmond began to reply, stopping himself in time as he realized they had a visitor. “Listen to the Dragon, or you may as well slit your throat now.”  

The two men fell silent for a moment.  


Moments passed, as the bitten air settled down from the sudden calamity. A ripple of air blasted through the room then, bringing them back to their senses. The king let out a deep breath.  


“What was that?” He asked softly.  


Stunned, their ferreted eyes glazed over toward the voice. Noticing a ghost of light nearby, a figure had suddenly appeared to their ignorance. Leaning against the doorframe of the balcony, stood a silhouette of a creature that obviously wore a crown exactly like the majesty’s. It glared at them with an impassive aura about it.  


“Who are you?” The king questioned the being.  


“That doesn’t matter,” It simply replied. He raised a brow.  


“How did you get in then?”  


“That doesn’t matter either.” Widening his eyes, the king began to examine the stranger’s darkened figure curiously.  


“What do…?”  


“Would you quit the interrogation?” It blasted, suddenly emerging from the darkness. “The only important thing right now, is to get Blaze out of here. Right now!”  


Air breezed through the room for a brief moment, as the identity of the mysterious shadow was finally reveled- A teen boy stood just a few meters from the group, his eyes hunting the room intensely. With his frighteningly similar features to the king, his impossibly dark rimmed eyes landed on the three- a blast of wind ripped into the room for a moment. His truly intense vibe seethed the room, as the warmly clothed noble intolerably strode toward them.  


Recovering from his entrance, the gun to head adults freed each other to size up the possible enemy.  


“Blaze?” Desmond breathed sending a lost look at the boy by his side. “What do you want with my son?”  


Ignoring Desmond’s request, the teen stormed up to the man.  


“Desmond Dragon, I presume?” He asked coolly. “Would that be your son, Blaze?”  


“Yes, but...” Watching the cryptic boy crouch down in front of his son, the father’s hazel eyes weakened slightly. He could feel an unusual amount of anger radiate from the boy.  


“Hi, Blaze,” The stranger suddenly smiled, brightening a pair of golden eyes at the knight’s son cheerfully. “Just relax for a moment. I’m going to give you some extra energy. You look a bit weak.” Placing each of his hands on the boy’s cheeks, the stranger momentarily discarded his dark veil of spite. A stream of golden light trickled through his fingertips.  


Closing each of his hazel eyes in response, the light ran into each of his cheeks. Sneezing a few times in surprise, Blaze twitched as the feeling left him light headed.  


“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” The boy smiled, wiping off a slight tear happily, He rested the child onto his shoulder, lifting him off the ground. Ignoring Desmond’s objectionable look, he turned sternly to the door. “I hope it isn’t too late to get to...”  


“Christian! Open the door! Please!” The stranger’s eyes flashed a blue colour in surprise, as the king leapt toward door immediately.  


“I’m coming my love! Just hold on for a second!” He called back, leaping to his wife’s aid.  


“No. This can’t be right!” The teen cursed, placing Blaze down on the ground beside himself. “I came too late! They’re here already!”  


“They’re?” Desmond queried in surprise, as the king flung open the door, in time to see the queen fall to the ground.  


“Elaine?” The king turned blanche immediately, lifting her head off the ground, brushing back the majesty’s long black hair repetitively. Tearfully, his hands examined her face for any signs of life.  




Finally turning to Desmond with morbid eyes, he trembled. “She’s dead.” The teen’s face turned white.  


“Get away from the door!” The he suddenly cried, appearing behind the king to tackle him away from a flash of cool light. Nearby, was a grunt of disapproval.  


“You’re a speedy little twerp,” A harsh voice cackled in displeasure. “I nearly had my mains then.”  




“Decided to move up in the food chain?” The teen gritted, back flipping up to his feet in one fluid motion. “I didn’t know Luquahlians had the brains.”




Paused at the burgundy trimmed door stood an incredibly tall creature with the colourings of ice and snow. The Luquahlian, a large, almost lizard like creature stood cockily, rubbing the bladed tip of its rudder tail. The dark markings all over its body slowly expanded and contracted as it took in huge lung fills of air. Standing at around six foot eleven, the mountain of beast depleted the last of the room’s remaining tranquility.  




Giving the boy a strange look, it brushed the Queen’s body aside. “You’re bold for a Phauroran that is about to become dinner.”  


“Am I?” The guy grinned, crossing his arms firmly. “I could seriously hurt you.”  


“Hold on!” Desmond halted, drawing a flash of silvery light from his scabbard, “I don’t know who you are boy, or what you want with my son, but no Luquahlian comes near this kingdom without getting through me.”  


The teenaged noble halted his movements, and turned to Desmond- the young father, as he strode bravely up to the humongous beast. Stepping aside with a smile, the prince nodded.  




“Fine then, Desmond Dragon. Lets see that incredible sword play of yours at work.” The Dragon narrowed his eyes at him for a moment longer in suspicion, before poising himself for the battle. The Luquahlian gingerly examined his opponent, before nervously molding into a ‘ready’ form. Desmond grinned supremely, psyching the Luquahlian wordlessly.


“Let us see who gets first blood then,” The Luquahlian finally murmured, swinging its bladed tail smoothly. “I promise to be a good fight.”  


“We’ll see,” Desmond replied, switching on his sword.  


His sword immediately appeared right against the Luquahlian’s head as he said this. The reptile froze.  


“You call this a good fight?” Desmond toyed. “I’ll give you a second chance. Use this one a bit more wisely.” Amnesty tore up the cool coloured creature’s neck.  


“Dragon martyr!” Desmond dropped quickly, as the Luquahlian’s tail slashed for his waist, shooting his legs through one of its huge feet from behind. Twisting his legs around to flick back onto his feet, the Luquahlian stumbled backwards to gain balance once again. Resting his sword against the marble floor as he waited for his opponent to ready itself, Desmond couldn’t help noticing the teen cheering silently from nearby.  


“You are mine Dragon!” The Luquahlian cried in out rage, dodging Desmond’s sword slashing at its neck, thrusting a scaly fist into his gut.  


The man’s eyes widened for a second, before doubling onto the ground in pain. A heel in the back followed. The oncoming cocky squeal was inevitable. “Ha! You thought you had me you fool!”  


“Dad…dy!” Blaze cried, “Get up Dad!”  


“Don’t…” Desmond’s foot stumbled out, and flew into the Luquahlian’s jaw, then instantaneously spun to an up right. “…worry Blaze.” Leaping to his feet, Desmond’s sword clashed with the creature’s tail. Fighting off the force of the limb, he managed to divert the strength of its swing over his head before pushing the creature to the ground with all his might. “I have this under control.” Blaze’s lower lip trembled as he nodded in understanding.  


Resting the tip of his sword against the Luquahlian’s neck firmly, Desmond narrowed his eyes once again.  


“You are truly a foolish creature.” Tensing his muscles to slide the oversized knife into its neck, a hand landed in his. Looking up in bemusement, the stranger had appeared beside himself to his lack of knowledge.  


“Let me have a word with the idiot first, will you?” He asked, grabbing the sword loosely, “I have a bad feeling of why its here. Luquahlians don’t travel by themselves.” Desmond nodded, handing the weapon to the boy.  


“Don’t let it go.” The boy ignored the request, turning to his foe.  


“Make this easy on yourself,” He stated, sliding the tip of the blade down to its heart. “How many Luquahlians are with you?” Its large eyes narrowed.  


“Why should I tell you, you ineffectual pest?”  


“Big words for a lizard that just had its guts kicked out.” Grabbing the creature by its shoulders, he gritted his teeth threateningly. “What makes you so certain that I wont do the same thing?”  


“I won...”  


“Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance!” Hoisting the creature into the air, the boy lashed the unfortunate mammal onto the ground, stamping his toes directly into the base of its sea blue tail. Letting out an incredible howler, the whole room cowered from the god-forsaken noise.  


“Have mercy on me!”  


“Never!” He cried in anguish. “You will tell me who else came with you or you’ll die a slow and extremely painful death! Do you understand me?”  


“Y... Yes...” The crippled creature crawled onto its forearms callously, and began panting heavily.  


“Tell me how many others are here!”  


“Ww… one.”  


“Is it Drakobitus?”  






“Is it Drakobitus?”




“Damn!” Throwing his inflamed eyes aside, he shot a stern look at the innocent bystanders. “We have to get Blaze out of here, now!”  




“Not so fast,” Another voice challenged. The teen paused, glazing his eyes in fright. Startled at the minor out break, his seemingly unfaltering courage parted for a brief moment. Staring out the balcony blankly, a slight breeze of movement whistled through the room. “…It’s my turn.”


“Exitium orbis lucis aeterni...” The stranger breathed, forming a bead of sweat on the side of his forehead. “The Dragon slayer himself.”  


“I see you know the old tongue,” A young boy of around Blaze’s age smiled from the large oak door, brushing back his long, tied back blond hair. “You must be a scholar in your time.”  


“And I see that you have the beginnings of your powers, Drakobitus,” The prince hissed. All of a sudden then, the bold Luquahlian gagged him tightly by the neck.  


“Kill the Dragon, Drakobitus! Kill it before it attacks us!”  


“Shut up, Mychna,” The boy sighed, giving the uneasy teen a sweet smile. “Let me handle the Dragon.”  


Widening his eyes at Drakobitus briefly, the teen poised self-consciously.  


“If you insist,” Edging carefully toward the three, the guy narrowed his eyes more. “I hardly think you could handle me though.”  


“Quit the jabbering!” Desmond cried, drawing his broad sword. “I don’t care which one of you two die first. Just damn well do something before I take care of the both of you!”  


Blankly glancing back at the late twenty year old Dragon curiously- Drakobitus remained somewhat with a straight face for a moment longer, before bursting out into laughter.  


“If you insist Dragon!” Desmond went for his sword.  


“Daddy!” Blaze cried, latching onto his father tightly. “Don’t fight, please!”  


“I agree,” The teen’s heart thumped, leaping in the man’s way. “There is no way you can fight him. He isn’t just any ordinary boy.” A smile appeared on Drakobitus’s face then, as the stranger’s behavior amused him slightly.  


“You sound like you’re scared of me.”  


Halting his cautious step, the father and son exchanged a glance, as the teen tried to analyze the boy’s words.  


“Definitely your future self,” He replied truthfully, “At the moment however, you shouldn’t be much of a challenge to me.”  


“Why don’t you? It’ll kill me in your future.”  


“You’re just a child,” He smiled, glancing down at the young, five year old Blaze, ruffling the child’s dark locks friendlily. “It isn’t a fair fight- besides, you haven’t done anything really wrong, yet.”  


“Dragon pride.” Drakobitus spat sourly, crossing his arms at the prince analytically. “Your first weakness.”  


“One of many,” The teen sighed taking his hand away from the child’s mane. “Nothing is born perfect.”  


“Anger as well,” Drakobitus continued. “You hide your anger well. I can feel it brewing inside of you.”  


“Thanks,” Turning back to the blond lad in curiosity, the young prince’s eyes glazed questionably.  


“And your mind...” The blond boy finished, finally breaking his opponent into an anxious sweat.  


“Mind?” He bleated back.  


“Yes,” Drakobitus grinned. “I’ll break you down.”  


The teen’s face turned a rather limp looking.  


“I’m getting sick of waiting, Drakobitus!” The Luquahlian suddenly roared, bolting to his feet in impatience. “Let me kill the pest.”  


“Leave him alone!” Blaze cried suddenly, “He didn’t do anything to you!”  


“Shut up shrimp,” The Luquahlian spat, leering at the teen. “Time to rip out your tongue Dragon.”  


“Just try me you lizard!” The teen hissed back, raising his fist to the Luquahlian.  


“Don’t do it!” Blaze sobbed from the safety of his father’s side. “This is all wrong!”  


“Huh?” The Luquahlian’s fist sailed into the teen’s stomach, immediately followed by a crushing blow to the back. Kicking the Dragon’s body as he collapsed in pain, it grinned.  


“That sorted that one out,” The Luquahlian grinned accomplishedly. “May I shred the brat, Drakobitus?”  


“See if I care,” The blond child replied with a shrug. “That other Dragon will attack though.”  


“Not if I’m quick,” It grinned, turning to Blaze. “I’m beginning to need my second course.”  


“Blaze,” The teen groaned anxiously, turning to the brunette boy. “Use your power. You can beat him.”  


Desmond’s eyes glazed as his son then, freezing as he spotted Blaze’s face crumble up in front of himself. “Oh, oh…”  


“Nooo!” Blaze cried, falling to his knees. “I don’t want to kill anyone!”  


“Wait, Mychna!” Drakobitus commanded, switching off the amphibian’s rampage in a moment. Glancing at the young nemesis, Blaze’s tear tipped eyes met the wheat haired boy.  


Watching as the Luquahlian obediently crouch down, waiting patiently to attack, a smile appeared on his devious face.  


“What makes you think you can even hurt me?” He asked Blaze softly, waltzing toward the young brunette. Crossing his arms, he paused half a meter away from the Dragon. “You Arkillian Dragons are pathetic.”  


“Well,” Blaze looked aside, hugging his arms. “Every time I use my real powers, someone gets hurt real badly. I…” Closing his somber eyes, his eyes began to stream regret. “…I killed my Mommy with my powers- when I was a baby.” Drakobitus eyed Blaze in stupefaction.  




“No way.”


“It was an accident!” Blaze continued to wail. “She scared me!”  


“Accident?”  The mysterious teen questioned, gazing at the boy in wonder. “As a baby?” Bending down to comfort his son, Desmond nodded in affirmation. Drakobitus stood blank for a moment more.  


“He could be the one… I must kill him,” He whispered, locking his sights onto the whimpering child. Flashing a large broad sword from a scabbard at his side, he leapt into action. “Die Dragon!”  



“Blaze!” The teen panicked, as the boy raised his head quickly. “Run!” Blaze froze, watching Drakobitus’s sword fly toward him. “Blaze!”   



“Stop it!” Blaze cried, suddenly flaring into a ball of flame. “I don’t want to hurt you!” Pausing his cry as he opened his eyes, Drakobitus stood there in front of him, sword hovering above his head.  


Examining the red flicker from the refection of his opponent’s eyes, Blaze’s eyes trembled once more.  


Drakobitus took a step back.  


“My powers…” Blaze breathed, examining his hands carefully. Looking back up at his blond opponent, he screwed up his face tensely. “You meany! You made me use my powers!”  


Retreating another step, Drakobitus’s eyes weakened in fright.  


“Uhh… Uh… I didn’t mean to…”  


“I could’ve hurt someone!” Blaze bawled, closing his eyes tightly. “I hate you!” Opening them again with a flash, they glared a brilliant red, as a glow of dragon began to appear on his left arm through his clothes.  


Drakobitus fled back 5 paces.  


“Mychna! Attack that Dragon now!” The lizard leapt to its feet.  


“All righ...” Suddenly stopping in his tracks, Desmond had appeared in front of the charging beast. Blaze’s fires flicked out in wonder, as he caught his father’s look of absolute despise. The only time he had ever seen his father even close to this angry, was if he were in the middle of battle with an opponent that had no respect for his country’s pride. Yet, he never had those cold eyes. Even the strange prince couldn’t help but look in respect. Desmond drew his sword swiftly.  


“I draw the line of how much I tolerate when cowardly animals like you attack innocent children- especially my son.” The Luquahlian widened its eyes for a moment, as Desmond’s sword smote its powerful chest in half with an incredible force, before sending it toward the balcony with one mammoth kick. “See you in Hell!” Drakobitus looked rather bleak at the Dragon’s outburst.  



“I hope you enjoyed beating the guts out of that weak Luquahlian,” Drakobitus announced, shacking off his previous fright. Desmond sheathed his sword, bowing his head away from everyone in disappointment.   



“I take pleasure in killing anything that has no sense of humanity. I just wish the Luquahlians could get along with our kind.” The prince smiled from nearby, nodding respectfully. Extending his hand to Desmond as he approached the man, he finally greeted him with a smile.  


“So, my father was right about you, Desmond Dragon. You do have the right for respect. You are a great man, and an incredible fighter.” Desmond accepted the hand, and narrowed his eyes at the boy once more.  


“Should I know you? I don’t believe the King had a child.” The teen grinned, his golden eyes glittering happily.  




“You’ll meet me some day. I know that I have much to live up to. I just hope that you’d train me personally, someday… But first,” Turning to Blaze, his face softened from the innocent look that gazed back at him from underneath dark locks, “I need to take little Blaze for a while.”


“What?” Drakobitus blasted, “How stupid do I look, you conceited fool?” The teen turned to the blond child with mild surprise.  


“Don’t worry, Drakobitus.” He lowered his brows. “Your turn will come when you’re more of a challenge to me and Blaze.”  


Glancing sideways at the three, Drakobitus’s eyes landed on the innocent boy.  


“Do you think that I’m stupid enough to let you take him, and wait until Blaze is sixteen? Do you?” He hissed. “I know what your plan is! Training him in another world until he’s fully-grown. You must think I’m denser than rock!” The teen’s eyes flashed in alarm.  






“I would kill him right now,” Drakobitus narrowed his dark framed eyes. “…But I know you would stop me. I have a better idea though.”




The prince looked strangely at him for a moment, as an amulet flew into the room, and slammed into the child’s hand. Swinging it back and forth mockingly, Drakobitus narrowed his eyes toward Blaze.




“Time is ticking, Blaze. Life times come, and life times go. Will life come and go before we meet again? Or will you never live to tell the story?” Smiling slightly, he flicked the amulet into the air before catching it again. “I hope you like a bit of danger, cause you’ll never know what you’ll meet in another dimension!” Crushing the gem in his hands, he threw the remains toward the child. The prince froze.




“What was that?” He cried, as a violet haze surrounded the young child. Tears of fear wailed from the core of the light, as Blaze was sucked away from their known plane. All he could do was wait.




“A gateway!” Drakobitus cackled. “My work here is done. Firedore is mine for the taking- when I succeed you.”




Drakobitus disappeared.




The mysterious boy remained silent for a moment, as his brain seemed to gradually process this information piece by piece. He shook his head pensively




“I can’t believe this. This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. I came to save Phauroraland, not to destroy any chance we ever had at a future!”




“Save Phauroraland?” Desmond laughed in bemusement, crossing his arms firmly at the helpless noble, “Who are you anyway? Why do you continue to parley with this child? What makes you think that you know so much?” The prince turned toward the veteran warrior, as a tear rolled down his cheek. The life of a lost and helpless boy glowed in his once supreme eyes.

“I am the son of the greatest Arkillian Dragon of all time. Blaze Dragon.”

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