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Toy World based on SARF (Working on)

by AuroraDreamer

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Well Work In Progress LOL. This is a story I made based on Charaters from my friend's and I's(lol sounds funny bad grammar lol) comic SARF.

“These damn commercials get on my nerves!!! Must Kill Barbie,” Randol growled angrily.

“Barbie dolls aren’t that bad. Ember plays with them,” Aqua said.

“My daughter is a girly-girl!!!” Fire shouted. Aqua sighed, “This is pointless.”  Aqua walked into the next room, then ran back into the room gasping.

“Tiki Room again?” Fire asked.

“Minako too,” Aqua said, “My son is the only one who is normal.”



        Later that night, “Night Fire,” Aqua said.

“Night,” Fire answered back. Fire walked into her room. Aqua sighed, she walked over to Minako’s and Sora Jr.’s room and opened the door.

“All ok. Time to sleep,” She then walked into her room and got in bed.



        Meanwhile in the secret laboratory of Amy and Denise, they are plotting more ways to get Sora and Randol. “That’s a brilliant idea, Denise! Why didn’t I think of it,” Amy shouted. Denise looked at her evilly and started to build something.

“I’ll be back. I got to yell at Soldier #5,” Amy said.



        “How do want me to say it? -Spanish voice- My Lord your lady wife approaches,” said Soldier #5. Amy looks at him weird and shouts, “STOP IT MICHAEL! Stop copying Jimmy Neutron. We already decided to call you Soldier #5!!! So stop it!”



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