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A DBZ Fairytale

by Tyrana

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A parody of the classical fairytales. Featuring Vegeta as prince Charming and Gogu as a 'damsel' in distress. Warnings: Shounen-ai, sappiness and lots of OOC.

Chapter 2, Chapter Two


Chapter Two

The next day,Yamcha and Puar,his childhood friends, came to visit Goku,because they hadn't seen him for a long time and wanted to remember the good old days when they lived so many adventures.But they were shocked when they found that his usual cheerful and hyper friend,
was very distraught,nearly crying.

Fortunately, the Chichi-witch was outside making laundry so they could talk freely.So,our hero open his heart and told them what had happened.
Puar,the magical shape-shifting cat told him not to worry,because she had the solution to his poblem:She would adopt Goku's shape and stayed at home with the harridan,meanwhile he would be with the prince of his dreams.(As she was saying that her eyes sparkled ,imagining all kind of romantic scenarios, cause she was a very sappy cat).Yamcha would bring him proper clothes for such special ocassion,and even Gohan,who had been listening everything,would help distracting his mother so his father could change clothes and go without being noticed.He would do anything for his dad to be happy.

Goku was so grateful for having the support of such good friends,and specially his son!

When it was near the time, everything went as planned.Gohan has called her mother to chatt in his bedroom,then Puar had changed his shape and Goku had put his new clothes on.The cat had made him promise that he would come back at midnight, because she could only remained in the same form till that time.Goku waved bye-bye and flew to meet his love.

The prince had arrived to the lake very soon and was getting more and more nervous.What if his beloved wouldn't come?What if he wouldn't dare to admit his feelings?What if his dear Kakarot would reject him?He was going crazy with all those 'what if.

But suddenly Kakarot arrived and the prince remained speechless,eyes wide,blushing furiously and drooling all over.His Kakarot was dressed to kill,with that white silk shirt and the oh-so very tight black leather pants.And that smile to die for.So damm perfect!

The prince took Goku's hands in his and confessed him his undying love,asked him to marry him and kissed him passionately.Goku hadn't been able to process all that was happening,and he didn't know if it was because everything was going too fast,as in a blur,or because of the lack of air having that delicious tongue shoved all the way to his throat and those luscious lips sucking greedily his own.

When they broke the kiss and could recover their breath,Goku looked sadly at his prince:

"Vegeta,I love you more than than my life but my duty as a married man is to remain faithful.

The prince sighed,he had been expecting those words.Yes,he knew so well his Kakarot.

"But my dear,dear,Kakarot.Don't you know that according the current law you're a free man.Your wedding vowes were 'till death do us apart',and you died...twice"

Goku could only grinn before kissing his prince furiously.

"Then,yes my love.I will marry you and we'll be together forever"

"Forever,Kakarot.But promisse me our vows will be 'beyond death and for all eternity"

They made love for hours,when suddenly Goku realized that it was past midnight,so he began to panic.Chichi would know and he would lose his son."No,no,no,no".He cried,tears flowing endlessly on the grass. And he flew away leaving behind a very bewildered and frustrated prince.

"Kakarot,my love why did you leave me here alone,without a word?Are you mad at me?Did I do something wrong?Or didn't you love me anymore"

When he stood,he found the most amazing thing.There on the grass , where Kakarot's tears had been shed,there was a mirror that iridisced under the pale moonlight with a strange bright.

"As beautiful as Kakarot".He muttered,before flying home with the mirror in his hand.

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