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by PookyWooky

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Just a short story about Piccolo's feelings towards Vegeta. Nothing bad, just love. (Yaoi, Complete)

By Pooky Wooky

My life hasn't gone according to plan.
Well, it started off in the right direction but then the fool who made my childhood so painfully lonely was also the one who would give me the first friend I've ever had.
That kid who single handedly changed everything and eventually made me one of the "good guys".
That kid who is now 35 and not so much a kid anymore.
I guess I felt a bit lonely once he was gone,
It's left me with a lot of time on my hands.
I know I've haven't always had the most exciting life style, but without the kid coming to see me as frequently, time moves so much more slowly.
I train, mediate, drink, and then I start all over again.
A simple life, one that has lead me to watch over you.
Everyone else seems to have something to do, someone to be with.
But we are the exception.
And that’s when I started to look around and see things one would normally miss.

You've become much more closed in ever since your wife left you.
I guess it’s the feeling of guilt, but I'll never know.
Your day much like mine,
Train, eat, sleep, and repeat.
Seems almost pointless now,
You lost that once strong spark in you,
The one that fool had.
I wonder why you’re still on this planet.
I mean, it's not like you need to stay here now that you have cut off any connection to the family you had.
But instead you stay to train.
And then I wonder again, for what?
But then again, what I am training for?
To be needed again?
I suppose we both feel useless.
Maybe one day they'll call for us again.

Occasionally you come to me to spar.
Your punches are as weak as your spirit, I note.
You don't say much,
Call my name and we just begin.
I guess we both know there's nothing needed to be said.
Sometimes I wish I could say something more to you but what would I say?
Once the sky turns it's reddish pink colour, we stop.
You turn away from me, without a word, and fly off into the distance.
How long can we both go on this way?
I keep wondering if you feel the same way.
It runs in my head often.

Days turn to months, and months turn to years.
The number of words we exchange is still the same.
Until one day, just as the sky changes it's colour you stop.
You lower yourself back to the ground.
I don't ask questions, I suppose you want to retire early this evening.
But instead you stand there.
I come down, now I'm curious.
But wasn't it curiosity that killed the cat?
It's the most ridiculous human saying ever... but I can't help but think it.
You turn away again, and I feel slightly stupid.
That was all I had to say for you turned to me and jumped into my arms, holding on tightly.
And I everything I had ever wondered had been answered.
I guess I wasn't really analyzing you this whole time,
I was feeling the pain of someone I loved.

And so we stood there like that for a while,
Holding on to each other.
Maybe words would have just gotten in the way,
We never needed to say anything before.
I close my eyes.
Maybe curiosity killed the cat,
But it was worth dying for...

The End

If you want to read more P/V story, please go to beyondwonderland.atspace.com... Plenty of fanart and other great fanfics! Not saying mine was great or anything...
Your Friend, PC

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