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Wolf Followers

by RayEarth400

Libraries: Adventure, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Series

Published on / 1 Chapter(s) / 3 Review(s)

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2 kids stay with a wolf demon tribe after their parents died.But they didn't know the danger.

Wolf  Followers

Two kids were all alone.Kamonoa age 11,and Cooma age 6.They didn't know the danger ahead of them.

"Come on Cooma!" "I sorry it's just that we've been walking for fourteen hours." "Don't be such a six year old." "But,I am a six year old!" "Did you hear that!?" Kamonoa said. "Hear what?"  *Both stop and listen. Whoosh*  "That!" Kamonoa said.  "Yeah.What is it?" "I don't Know."  

"Kamonoa,I'm Scared."  "I know what you mean Cooma."  *Cooma stops,Kamonoa trips over her.*  "What's wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!"  "L.l..l..l..l..o..o..o..k."  *They see a wolf demon tribe right in front of them*

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