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by lordofthepies

Libraries: Dragon Ball Z, Male/Male - Shounen-Ai, One Shots, Romance

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GokuxVegeta shonen-ai; oneshot. Goku decides to take his last chance to have Vegeta.


Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters.

Summary: GokuxVegeta shonen-ai; oneshot. Goku decides to take his last chance to have Vegeta.

Author Notes of Spewing: Not much in the way of warnings. I wouldnt say it is fluff, but it is still a light-hearted piece. There is GokuxVegeta shonen-ai. The time line setting for this is once again after the end of DBZ. Inspired by the song Invincible by Muse.

The moment the golden power of the super Saiyan coursed through him, he'd truly felt as though he were invincible; he had reached the ultimate goal of his people, he had accomplished his dream. Years and years for work, brutal training, had taken him so far, but only with the incentive of surpassing another could he push himself to the precipice and wield the power he had yearned for so long. He had never given up the race for his power, even after being succeeded. Having that power made him untouchable, or so he thought.

However, he was not a unique entity; for even though he had achieved his ultimate power, but he was not alone in this class. His mind hated to conceive that another creature could amass such power, let alone someone from such humble origins and before he had himself. Maybe for the first time his mind actually drew fear from the fact, maybe not. He had seen far greater horrors in the universe, lived with them in his day to day life. He was once even one of them, part of him savouring the position, whilst another recoiled in disgust. He desired his independence, craved it even, when all the time he was trapped under the thumb of a tyrant like some kind of ornamental little pet. in his heart he knew he had to fight, but his mind knew better; he knew the very monster keeping him could just so easily kill him, or do far worse; the monster could break his very soul like brittle glass if he so wished.

Yet one day, he made his stand. And his mind's conceptions were proven to be fatally accurate, leaving him to sleep with worms under some alien soil.

He had to do it on his own, alone in the wide universe. Given a second chance to earn his dream, he had worked like a maniac, pushing his body as far as it could stand in order to make his dream come true. The dream that had been promised to him.

But no dream ends so easily in reality.

Struggling onward, he found himself faced with greater foes, the struggles pulling him down once more. He was still racing his greatest foe, but he was losing badly. Every step he made in progress was seemly doubled by the other, leaving him on his knees in the dust, his rival seemly indifferent to his anguish; although, maybe that would be for the best. Pity for such a thing would be the ultimate humiliation, and maybe the other had an inkling of respect for that. There was no hope of catching up with such a rival.

Maybe it was just a fact of life. He couldn't catch up, no matter how hard he tried, he would be resigned to his position.

Second place was just a failure for him.



Stars shone above them, the meagre light barely illuminating the faces of the two beneath; one sat at the edge of the rocky outcrop, whilst the other stood below, looking up through the darkness with gentle eyes. The elevated one, Vegeta, appeared to pay no heed to the other's call however, looking up as a meteor flew across the sky. Silence reigned for several long minutes, the speaker standing in an uncomfortable quiet as Vegeta seemed not to care. Seemingly in a spontaneous decision, Goku leapt up the rocks, landing on the ledge a few feet from Vegeta's side, but not seating himself, folding his muscular arms over his broad chest.

Heaving a tired sigh, Vegeta glanced over to Goku, the movement restricted to his eyes. "Yes, Kakarotto?"

"Are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Striding around Vegeta, Goku didn't answer the question, remaining silent for some time, as though he found it difficult to pick his words. "That was an amazing battle. You've really improved."

Grunting in response, Vegeta just hunched over a little more, trying to convey his desire to be alone as he tucked his arms in. "Only you could say that. Bet you thought the same about Buu, Frieza and Cell too.

He nearly jerked himself off the cliff when a strong hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing firmly; he could feel the proximity of the other Saiyan behind him, heat and power radiating against his back. "But we did it back then, Vegeta. We always will," He leaned in closer- it was all Vegeta could do not to cringe away as hit breath ran past his ear; he truly despised proximity in situations like this, the lack of control, the intrusion, the feeling were there regardless to his attitude to the person in question. "When we fight together, it is like we're invincible. Between us, together, we can do anything."

"Invincible?" Vegeta turned to face Goku, flinching away when the tips of their noses brushed together, the other simply blinking innocently, his dark eyes glinting. Peering through his narrowed eyes, he couldn't help but notice the softness of the other's lips, the unsolicited thought making him turn away once more.

"Why invincible? I thought I was the arrogant one, Kakarotto." Vegeta chuckled deeply, folding his arms and smirking.

"I am not the fool you think I am, Vegeta," Goku's voice dropped, seeming more serious at the comment. "It is foolhardy to under-estimate an enemy, but to have an inaccurate perception of ones own ability is too a flaw. Think of the power we have together. Think of what we achieve when we fight together. We were the ones who beat Buu, and all the rest. When we fused, Vegeta, dont you see? We were unbeatable."

"I am a warrior, Kakarotto, and I will fight alone. I only joined you out of necessity, and I intend to be strong enough to assure that never happens again. I will do it on my own." Vegeta curled his lip; if he had not known better, he would have said Goku was trying to proposition him with such words. The other Saiyan never spoke like that, and the attitude change unnerved him, no matter how subtle it was.

Goku's face fell at the words, the sparkling eyes going dull for a split second as he turned away. "It makes no difference to me, Vegeta. You'll be the one to leave things behind, not I."

"Weren't you the one who left your family to stay in Otherworld all those years ago?" His voice was smooth and dry, a hint of smugness in it as he pointed the fact out to the other Saiyan.

Goku shook his head, looking up into the sky and remaining silent as Vegeta shifted in his position, trying to get more comfortable again. He wasn't even sure why the other Saiyan had come here; Goku clearly had no immediate message to give him, or anything to discuss it appeared. He had half the mind to snap at him, demanding he leave and quit wasting both their time.

"There are always chances to take, Vegeta. Chances to turn lives around. Please take this one, Vegeta."

"What on Earth are you talking about, you simpleton?" Turning around in his sitting position, he found himself once more face to face with the other Saiyan, so close their lips brushed against each other. For once he didn't flinch away, simply staying stock still as the larger Saiyan leaned forwards a fraction, removing any doubt he was kissing him. He could see the long dark eyelashes resting on the soft pale skin of the other's face, his own eyes unusually wide in surprise.

It was with some reluctance that Goku pulled himself away from the unresponsive Vegeta, unsure of what to do in such a situation. Vegeta had given him no positive or negative indications, and for him, that was unusual. He was usually very vocal about what he liked and didn't like. He watched the angular face carefully for any signs of change, inching back a little to give the other space, not wanting to pressure him. Even thought this reaction was a little more positive than abusive screaming and violence, it was far more difficult to deal with.

But it was a now or never decision; he had the chance now to be with Vegeta, and he wasn't going to miss it this time. He was no psychic; anything could be over the horizon, ranging from another deadly enemy to a second wife, anything that would keep them apart and destroy all their chances of being together. If Vegeta didn't want them to be together, so be it, for it was not his place to force someone, but at least he could say he tried. It would make no difference him, and to the current situation if Vegeta left the chance behind after all.

Lowering his gaze from the other Saiyan, Vegeta struggled to digest the situation; suddenly the other Saiyan's words made sense. A twisted smirk crept over his face after a couple of minutes as he looked back up at Goku, whose face showed a few hints of nerves.

"It sounds dreadfully familiar, Kakarotto...well, at least, it started off like it. But it seems life follows some rather ironic cycles," He smirked at the confused expression on the other's face. "Do you not remember where you heard a similar proposal?"

There was a long pause; Goku looked down to the rock beneath his feet as he thought, a little confused by Vegeta's cryptic words. "When we asked me to join you..." He looked to Vegeta's face to check if he were right, receiving a slight nod. "You wanted me to fight for you, Vegeta."

"With me. Even then, when neither of us had reached super Saiyan, we would have been a formidable force, Kakarotto," Vegeta reclined back on the rock, the pose much more open than he crouched up one earlier; Goku couldn't help but take it as a good sign. "I simply find it amusing that you now think this, after declining my request all those years ago."

"Time changed the best of us, Vegeta. Things were different back then. I-I..." He looked down at the rock again, feeling a little uncomfortable. "I had a family then, and you were working for a force trying to wipe them out. I had no choice but to decline; I didn't want to destroy, Vegeta. I chose now because it is first time we're unhindered by anything of the sort."

Reaching to Goku's hair, Vegeta grabbed it, pulling the other Saiyan to face him. "What makes you think that?" He leaned over closer, his breath running over the other Saiyan's cheek. "Maybe now I have no one left here I care about, I can fight you to destroy this little mud ball."

Staring at Vegeta with wide eyes, Goku flinched when Vegeta released him, ruffling his hair and letting out a soft laugh that faded into the night. He didnt quite know what to think of the action; it seemed like a genuine joke from Vegeta. He really had changed over the years; he doubted the serious prince would have ever done such a thing before, and even now it took him by surprise.

There was another long silence between them, both parties seeming to be lost in their own thoughts. For once, Vegeta appeared to be the more relaxed of the pair, even though he hadnt given an answer.

Well Kakarotto, are you sure want to take this chance? Because you dont seem to be trying very hard anymore.

Goku looked up at Vegeta, his cheeks every so slightly pink- although in the dim light of the stars above, the colour remained unnoticed by the prince. I thought I was the one asking you Vegeta. Not the other way around.

I havent pushed you away, have I? Sitting up, Vegeta smirked, his dark eyes flashing. Im not going to let you leave me behind this time, Kakarotto. There is nothing like you in the universe, He chuckled, leaning closer, their lips brushing together as he talked. Last chance.

His eyes slide shut he surged forwards against the slighter Saiyan, clutching as his back and pulling him to his own broad chest as his kiss was returned with fervour. Parting with quick breaths, they pressed their foreheads together, Goku half-opening his eyes as he gazed at Vegetas relaxed face. He ran his palm over the smooth skin of Vegetas cheek, the action rousing the other from his calm as the dark eyes opened, looking at him directly from their proximity. Even Goku couldnt help but shiver at the depth of the black gaze, his hand tracing down to Vegetas clothed chest to be joined by its partner; he could feel the slow heartbeat of the other Saiyan beneath his palm and because distantly conscious of his own, which he was sure would be hammering out of control.

His mouth turned in a slight smile- Vegeta never smiled properly, and this was as close as Goku knew he was going to get- as he leant in for another kiss, melding their lips together without haste or greed. He reached up to run his hand through the bangs of spikes at his brow, pulling back as he petted the thick, dark hair.

I think it is better you missed your first chance Kakarotto, He drew his gloved fingers away, his expression thoughtful. We would have been powerful together back then, but now it is different. We have both trained ourselves, in more ways then just physical ability. It is now that were invincible.


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