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Frozen Hyrule

by Brethesen

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Been playing Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventure for a while now, and one of the best songs i've ever heard, is the song in Frozen Hyrule. This is a tribute to that song.

Falling down so slowly,
like silent angels descending towards the ground,
serenity of winter's beautiful day,
as the land,
and trees are covered in the white velvet.

Few snowflakes falls,
to my blonde hair,
and like guardian angels,
they stick to my hair,
small smile emerges to my lips,
and my feet leaves a trail,
of footsteps behind.

Faint melody reaches my ears,
a calming,
and soothing song,
carried upon a wind's breeze,
i ask myself,
"Is this real,
or is this a dream?"

The Weight of Destiny,
feel's like a feather,
and as i look this scenery,
the stilness of nature,
in it's dress of white,
a peaceful day,
which could last forever.

Suddenly i realize,
the faint melody isn't so faint anymore,
and it's drawing closer,
the wind has ended,
and it seems,
like the whole forest has stopped,
just listening to the beautiful melody.

Without hesitation,
i walk towards the sound,
as light footed as i can,
and peeking from behind a big oak,
i see an angelic figure dancing so slowly,
with the melody she plays from her ocarina,
in silent awe,
i stare at her,
with my mouth hanging wide open...

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