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Beast of Mankind

by Brethesen

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...And the Darkness covered the land of men...

Carried on the wings of darkness,
my naked body is caressed by hate,
and pain,
rebirth of a fallen angel,
in the womb of virgin earth.

Growing in the blood of the millions,
who have died,
consuming souls,
both damned and pure,
i am mankinds greatest sin,
hungry for flesh,
which will give me sinister exctasy,
my eyes dance with fire,
of lust forbidden.

Eating the womb from within,
my razor sharp teeth rip's the flesh,
and devour the mother,
from within.

Leather wings spread's out,
covering my mind in pain,
in exctasy,
the sign of my birth.

Black fangs rips the throat,
who carried me from the beginning of time,
this lust,
for killing,
and the desire of the human flesh,
deep red in color.

Hungrily i lick the blood from my fingers,
while i soar in the dark night sky,
as wind tries to escape from my sickening touch,
a beast of mankind.

Into the gathering masses,
i crash,
and start to eat for my lust,
while searching for a virgin whores,
who will carry my offspring.

I find my first screaming untainted girl,
and as i press her to the ground,
and take her by force,
the foul bright sun eclipse,
and the world turns a deaf ear to her screams,
the bliss in ignorance....

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