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Flying with broken wings

by Saiyangirl4ever

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This is my first poem I have ever written in english..Don`t mind the spelling,I suck at English...^^;; It`s a poem about not giving up and trying!I was inspired after watching Fruits Basket,Chrno Crusade and Naruto.Please comment,cause it`s my first work!Oh,and it`s me in the photo!

Flying with broken wings
I don`t know why I even try...
`Cause again I only cry...
Failed attempts to truly fly
Hasn`t gotten  me really high....

They say:"You`re wasting time"
You`re a Fallen Angel.You can`t fly"
I`m trying.But my wings are tied....
With tears in my eyes I look up high..

"God,please,help me to decide..."
"He`ll only help you to comit  a suicide"
Devil`s grin widens even more
When I`m not trying anymore....

Others are laughing at my strugling
They`re hightening my pain...
After all that I`m only chuckling
Cause they`re tied with bigger chains...

I smirk and say: " I won`t give up."
At that moment chains go off.
God`s not happy.He doesn`t smile.
He knows that even A Broken Angel can fly
If he only tries....

If only he tries...

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