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Inside My Mind

by Brethesen

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I made a bet with myself, that i won't be able to do a poem, of what i think while writing a poem. Needless to say, i won the bet ^^ *Edit: correcting few misspelled words and such...*

Within silence of my mind,
i see words bouncing off my skull,
and around the turbulent center of my being,
the dark void of my subconsciousness,
like raindrops of autumn's day,
when you wait someone important to come back home,
the words starts to form,
to unify to sentences,
and without hesitation,
i open up the wordpad on my computer,
and start to write these words down.

Taking inspiration from various things,
of things that will,
and will not happen,
tales from the worlds only living inside my mind,
and tales from my life.

Only my lack of English hinders my words,
only the blockade,
which allows me not to speak what i feel,
supress words down,
back to the dark void,
outlined with pain,
and misery.

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