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Halo 2 Rap!

by Keenarnor

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A rap I did about Halo 2. My first song submission! Hope you all like ^^ Thanks for 100 hits!

Halo 2 Rap!

There's a game called Halo, can't play it you're a failo!

I'll grab a rocket launcha and blow you up. I'll grab a plasma sword and so-so-sock ya!

Thank god you aren't stuck playing quidtich, but you can play soccor with the right glitch. So it's time to make, Master Chief your bitch!

So put in that code or really cool glitch, but don't drive the Warthog in a ditch or you'll be killed by a rocket whore.

Now do not worry, you'll just respawn, and continue to be, just another Bungie pawn! now go back, and kill the rocket whore. Hey! Maybe even more cause you can run up to him, and crouch up and down. It makes things less dull just like the skull!

It makes things in the game hella hard! But if you still can't play then STOP!

Dude you're just a retard.

You can always try, goin online. If you do WATCH OUT for the camping swine. Also look out for the sniper fags, just stick em and run, cause you're not a sniper fan!

Now blow them up, or get a head shot. Now do that special Halo thing ya do, cause this rap is through

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