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by Fortune The Pirate

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This was my first attempt at writing a poem in Terza Rima, which for those of you who don't know, is a rhyming scheme of a,b,a b,c,b c,d,c d,e,d... etc... classically writen in iambic pentameter. Magic doesn't really have a set rhythm... I could try re-writing it into iambic, but I like it as it is so I don't think I should change it!

I lay on the grass, feels fresh and so green,
Scent of rich emerald life; apparitions of light
Enthralling my senses with visions half seen.
The stars in the dark oblivion twinkling bright,
Whispering secrets into my wane ears,
Secrets of magic known only in shadowy night.
Sparkling nymphs dancing like midnight’s bright tears,
Laughing out loud in ironic cruel pitch,
With diminutive daggers piercing night’s fears.
A sudden bright light from heaven so rich,
Diffusing the stars as breeze does to flame,
Creating night’s magic for my mind to enrich.
Sapphire dream-lights replace starlight tame,
Ethereal lights from dream stoked fires,
Willing my soul to unbind earthly frame.
A chorus starts playing upon golden lyres,
Such sounds nay heard where we mortals tread,
Signalling the end of wondrous dream pyres.
Weaving the moonbeams like some holy thread,
Arise the conductor from this otherworld plane,
Ending and sending the minstrels widespread.
I wish to remember this musical magic arcane,
The melody, the lights, unnatural and odd,
But I am too soon to forget as I travel again.
I journey along this road seldom trod,
Past the hateful world where trapped we must roam,
Into immortal magic to touch to the gods.
Yet I return to the body, the world, the home,
Arise from my dream-state and face the morn,
Beneath natural skylight in this earthly dome.
The meadow still fresh and the life seems reborn,
However recollections of magic make life routine,
And I long to return where this world’s less forlorn.

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