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It's Just Politics

by Fortune The Pirate

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A poem I wrote when feeling slighted by someone took to flaming some of my poetry, making comments about rhythm and rhyming schemes in a free verse poem. Comments were also made that I used too many "big words". She couldn't figure this one out either...

Politics? Pretentious…
Leading with desire
Attempts to flood the waters
With interests rare inspired.
Exceeding expectations?
That’s all well and good
Nay well enough, however
To command as well you should.
Eclectic variations?
I think that would be droll
However once you start
Their feelings wont consol

Amateurish cooperation?
An attempt at something new
We will not recognize
Once we were fresh too.
Ideas falling station?
However seeming quaint
Riddles in our words we write
Intelligence seems faint
Superior education?
These fresh ideas sense not.
For one aged at twelve…
May still try willingly to swot.
Pretentious Politician…
Your words fall to deaf ears
No one wants to listen
Waning through your years.

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