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by Willow

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Characters from anime series are thrown in a head to head tornement.

Chapter 1, The Rules



By; Willow

                             Some ideas by friends



    1.  Hercule is the announcer.

  1.  The Great Spirit decides who battles who.

  2.  You only go on to the next round if you win or kill someone (unless you die afterwards because then there's no point in you going on).

  3.  The Great Spirit decides how you fight. I.e. If you're teamed up with someone or not.

  4.  Anyone can go onto the next round by continuing to fight on their own round until they win. You can't fight someone who is on a different round than you are.

  5.  By killing people you receive special bonus points.

  6.  You are disqualified when you give up or die.

  7.  If you are sent to another dimension you are still in the tournament.

  8.  Everyone has to fight if they are chosen to, no exceptions.

  9.  If everyone who is fighting decides to forfeit the fight together then no one from that fight is disqualified.

  10.  More rules can be added if The Great Spirit declares them liable.


I plan on having alot of anime characters in here. Please don't take offence if one of your favorite characters dies.

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