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Flight of the Foxes

by Willow

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Fantasy, Original Fiction, Sci-Fi

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The story of a 13-year-old as she travels in the world of the online RPG Game The Pumpkin Kingdom.

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Chapter 1, The Beginning

Flight of the Foxes


Adventure in the Pumpkin Kingdom


Flight of the Foxes


By: A. J.










On one sunny day after school eight friends decided to play an online game called The Pumpkin Kingdom. The Pumpkin Kingdom is an RPG game focused on the realm of the Pumpkin King. The main focus is to create a strong player and destroy the Pumpkin King. Once the Pumpkin King is destroyed the game restarts. All data is refreshed and players must renew their characters and their profiles if they wish to keep playing the game. The game is peaceful once it restarts, but after a couple of months the game spirals into darkness as the Pumpkin King appears again.


The Pumpkin Kingdom is said to be one of the hardest games to beat. Because of this it is mainly used as a place for players to hang out and chat online. Instead of fighting players can become villagers. They can open shops, buy houses and land, and own pets. In The Pumpkin Kingdom you can do almost anything you can imagine, except live. The eight friends learn the meaning of “living” and “not living” as they play The Pumpkin Kingdom.


This story, Flight of the Foxes, however, covers the adventures of Marshae, the youngest of the eight friends.

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