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I Want To Be A Fish

by Amaranthine

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I Want To Be A Fish

Can we judge the sky
by its color so blue?
Rub the salty sea diamonds
through your rough hands,
feel the wealth stolen
away from the golden sun
it cries its drops into
open palms,
outstretched towards
the new monthly moon.

We gasp at the stolen
pearls decorating our
emaciated wrists
and we grin inspite
of ourselves,
realizing the moon
is artificial,
it cannot redeem
it's blood anymore
then we can eat
the star system out of existence.

If we were to spread out
among the free, misty open waters,
would we float with spirits
crying the real pain of fish
sinning against their illusions?

Eating raw fish out of a can,
our words are not the truth
that we seek for this ferile
desire pushing harshly
at the base of my brain.

Work the sun into
far away arrays
of blushing heat and
seering fermented cries
of faith turned away at
the final test of redemption.

The conclusion to the paragraph
of my sadness
are the clouds bordering
my beloved's velvet pillow
held securely in my
pond of subtle hopes,
splashing and drowning
until nothing seems to make
no particular sense anymore.

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