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From Sunrise to Sunset

by Switchlife

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An old poem I wrote. The start of my new account.

"Watching the sunrise and to the sunset"

I start my day by sitting up and looking out my window to watch the sunrise in the far east. There I know that my day will be alright because I know I'll be seeing you today. When I see you my day becomes the best I've ever had. And through my day I can't stop thinking about you. And as I sit on the swing to near the end of the most wonderful day. I see the sun begin to set far off but I know you're not that far from me because I can feel that you're right here next to me. And you are finally with me you're right next to me on that swing right here to end the day of my life. I'm ending it with you to end everything that didn't end before. I ended my life with you I saw you and knew that you were happy. You made me happy when you smiled at me the time we met because you smiled back and I saw the sun.

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