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The Art of Losing

by Switchlife

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Please comment. I just wrote this. I had a feeling. It doesn't make much sense and isn't in a set form. But just take a glance.

The Art of Losing

The art of losing.

This is the end.
The end of all things old.
Itís the time of something
Something new to be told
Listen to the sound of the
The sound of a world drying
Knock me down
Iíll get back up.
Itís an art.
This thing we do.
These words we t-y-p-e

Day after day

You call me a loser

But Iím going to ignite
This generationís next light
Iím going to start a riot
The next rebellion
It sounds like ďStar WarsĒ

But itís an art
This thing we do
Itís an art.
The art of losing.

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