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a needle, a test result

by Switchlife

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I've been having a difficult time. Life is turning around and upsidedown. I just want to be a kid.

a needle, a test result

Itís another dark morning

I sip my cup of tea

Itís weak
I am weak

I wait for my test results to returnÖ

I felt them pierce me with needles

I shivered from the chill of the cold hands

The wires that traced my body

That made me one with the machine

The monotonous sounds of a pulse.


I can hear faint talking

My mother and doctor

I canít move

Iím not allowed to

My body is weak.

I feel my blood leave me

One cup, two cups

Maybe four

The tell me it will be okay

Thatís what they said before.

But I am back in this place

They say welcome

But I want to leave

I hate this place!


They call me up

They say they need one more test

Just one more
Itíll be over before you know

Then why havenít I gone home?

I just want to be a kid

Not a boy in a hospital bed

I want to lay in my own bed

Itís not over yet

No, not just yet.




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