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Escaping the Moon

by AnimeBoyToyKoibito

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When you hurt someone, and you get hurt... sometimes your paths aren't divided. Sometimes you both just have to escape what holds you in the dark. Dont ask me where I get these poems from, I dont know. lol

And I keep reminders

And I keep reminders
of the days we once shared
When life wasn't a divider
Of one happy pair
And my thoughts run to you
Without second thought
But when pushing out the clues
You have already been sought
Found in the trench I last left you, my gun
Frozen in place with the words stuck on your tongue
You live deep inside of my landscaping heart
No matter the arrow pierced in by hurt
So with demented thoughts crossing my eyes
I seek to unfreeze you from my own binds

Oh forgive me dear soul, for I have sinned against you
Look unto me and escape from your moon
Because now I can say I have left mine behind
And your heart knows I love you, we'll always be entwined.

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