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Girl of the Year

by Switchlife

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quick song. that I wanted to write. already put to guitar. in the feel for this V-day. please leave feedback

I met this girl who loves words

I feel like the one from another world

She’s one heck of a girl without at care in the world

And I like it that she’s hard to get

So I’ve nothing to regret

But she’s the only one I want to get

She’s that one of a kind

I just can’t get off my mind

There’s just no reason to try and get her off my mind

She just stole my heart

Now she’s tearing it apart

That’s my heart that she’s tearing apart

She’s a love potion

That’s got me spinning with my emotion

And what’s with all the hysterical commotion

Cause I’m tripping over some girl

Not just any ordinary girl

She’s the one and only girl

There’s no use in trying to get her off my mind




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