Darkness - Chapter 1

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by Majin Jynxi

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Depressing stuff... ^_^;


Alone in the dark with nothing to see

Trying to find my idenity

Nothing inside but, this empty shell

Somebody save me from this hell

But, nobody cares what you think

They act like you need to go see a shrink

They laugh in your face and call you names

You wish you could see them burn in flames

No one understands and no one cares

Like I said before, life's not fair

So you try your best to change your ways

But, it's pretty hard to when your stuck in a daze

You lose yourself every now and then

Don't you feel like it's happening again

Things blow out of proportion and explode in your face

Until, you just can't seem to find a trace

One day we'll find our way out of the dark

But, til then we'll let the darkness dwell in our hearts.

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