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The Assignment: The Jungle

by fifleaona

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So, I have this club called Quills; it's a creative writing club, where we get assignments and we have to write things that follow said assignment. The people there pretty much rock, but that's beside the point. Anyways, this is one of the assignments, which is due next Friday. I'd love to have your comments on it, along with your critiques; hack away at it as much as you would like. By the way: the assignment was to write at least one page's worth of a story, then write the same story in another preception.

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Chapter 1, Preception I - A Student

Eliza looked at the books and groaned. Three hundred and fifty pages worth of information, bound together by a bright red cover. Details and quotes about the book were written on the cover in bold, black typing, with the title in white, and the company logo in gold.


As their teacher passed out the books, Eliza leaned over to her friend April.


“They're bright red!” Eliza whispered.


April leaned in closer to her, making sure she watched for Brian, the guy who had the last name that came before her.


“So?” she whispered back, “They're just books.”


“Yeah, but they're red. A red book can't be good.'


April rolled her eyes and sat back in her seat.


“You're so weird.”


“April and Eliza…” Mr. Horton's voice warned them, before he called Brian up.


Soon Eliza found herself in possession of the small, red book. Frowning, she took in every aspect of the novel, inhaling its new-book smell and tracing her fingers along the title and author.


Mr. Horton gave them the remainder of the class period to read. By the time class ended, Eliza knew she was right. Reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair would be a certifiable nightmare.





























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