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Into the Golden Sunset

by Brethesen

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My first ever contest entry (Golden Wing Competition #1). This lil' poem is inspired by BogusRed song called Into the Golden Sunset (avaible from OC Remix) and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did enjoy making it ^^ P.S. Please leave a comment if i have misspelled or done something really st00pid in the poem, okay? English isn't my strongest of languages (and grammar is even less so) *Edit: Tha lines were all f... up, big time...*

Into the Golden Sunset


Soft grass waves around me,

clear blue sky above me,

i breath heavily,

enjoying every breath i take,

for i know i am free,

i raise my hand towards the sky,

and i grab my future,

without the burden of saving the world.


Soft breeze strokes my chin,

and birds sing happily around me,

as i open my fist,

and look at my palm,

for the first time i'm free,

free to do whatever i want,

but still i feel the ache,

as my gaze wanders to my hand,

and i see the scars.


Slowly i raise,

from my peaceful resting place,

as i hear children's laughter,

they yell my name,

and leap on me,

like a large hug-giving mass,

knocking me down on my back.


Upon arriving to Kakariko village,

i see familiar faces,

people whom i saved,

nod towards me,

some wave their hands,

and some cheers when they see me,

I smile back,

and feel the cold fire of pain in my heart.  


Alone i walk,

towards my home,

with dark memories of the one,

the vessel of destruction,


like those birds would have know what i think,

they take off from the nearby tree with extreme haste,

and fly away. 


I stand watching as they go,

mesmerized by the sight of the sky,

painted in the colors of the rainbow,

and as the world turns in it's axis,

i reach out,

Into the Golden Sunset,

for it has cleared my mind from him,

the vessel of destruction.


While standing on the footsteps of my home,

i feel someone raising my hand,

and pressing against me,

and when i finally manage to get my eyes from the serene sight,

my mind is lighted with a thousand sun's.


Her hair bathe in the golden light with unreality,

and as deep as the azure sea,

her blue eyes reflects her wisdom,

her white, pink and golden dress outlining her feminity,

and her scent makes me dream dreams of reality.


Together we watch,

as the sun disappears behind the trees,

while i hold her slender shoulder,

and she holds my waist,

and the TriForces in our hands,

they gleam in a white light.

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