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Z is for Zombie

by AshEvans

Libraries: Fantasy, Gothic, Humor, OriginalFiction

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This is an illustrated gothic childrens book I have written. I always hated those A is for apple books...I showed them. Yeah I sold out on X call me out on it if you want. Each one will have an illustration.

Z is for Zombie

Z is for Zombie

A is for Arachnid

An ample arachnid ambled along.

B is for Bat

Black bats blustered in the breeze

C is for Cyclops

The curious Cyclops crushed the cowering villager.

D is for Dragon

Do dragons dread the dentist?

E is for Elf

Every elf exudes enthusiasm

F is for Fairy

Fairies frequently frolic in forests or fields

G is for gryphon

Gryphons greedily gorge themselves on green grapefruits.

H is for Horseman

Heatedly, the headless horseman hacked at Icabod Crane.

I is for Icabod.

The ill-fated Icabod erratically raced for the bridge

J is for Jack O Lantern

Jolly Jack O lanterns grinned with jagged smiles.

K is for Kracken

The kracken knocked the knight keenly to the ground.

L is for Leprechaun

Leaping Leprechauns licked lollypops

M is for Monster

Mostly, monsters mill around marshes.

N is for Nightmare.

Nightmares are never nice.

O is for Owl

Owls own outrageous oculars.

P is for Puka

Practically all pukas are pranksters.

Q is for Quest

The queen quickly called for a quest.

R is for Raven

Rowdy ravens are rabble rousers.

S is for Serpent

Slithering serpents sometimes sunbathe.

T is for Troll

Try telling trolls to take to the tub.

U is for Unicorn

It is unlikely unicorns use umbrellas.

V is for Vulture

Vultures venture on vacation.

W is for Werewolf

Where would a werewolf wander?

X is for X

X marks the spot!

Y is for Yeti

Yellow Yetis yawned and yo-yoed.

Z is for Zombie

Zealous zombies zig-zagged.

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