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Spartan X

by Keenarnor

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This is the story of a spartan named Carol. Her base is attacked and she must find the Spartan X to help save humanity, but will she? This was an assignment for my english class(like my The Lost Spartans story) and it uses vocab words which are underlined. If you don't know what they mean, then look them up XP thanks for over 100 hits

Spartan X


Spartan X



The command center was dead quiet on that day. Everyone was off on their breaks in the mess hall, telling battle stories and jokes about the men higher in command. In the generator room, was still one person. She never went to the mess hall while everyone else was there, she had a demure personality about her, never really wanting to be around other people. She was deep in her thoughts while she worked, not noticing Lieutenant Forge approaching from behind her.



“Private Carol Robinson a.k.a Spartan-269!” he barked. Carol snapped out of her thoughts and spun around to face him. “Jeez relax Carol, you're too locked up,” Forge said sipping his cup of coffee. Carol let out a sigh of relief, scratching her head in embarrisment. “Sorry about that sir, I just didn't hear you is all” she replied. Forge sipped more of his coffee, thinking of a way to change the subject. “So have you heard the news lately? Turns out that the Russians have a plan to invade us” he questioned. “Where back on Earth? They know we are already in a war right?” Carol stated. “They better,” Forge continued. “We are already fighting the Covenant, crazy religious dispassionate aliens aren't they. Plus we are fighting the FLOOD, who are just as edacious.” Carol just shrugged at what he said, not particularly caring too much. “It's been 5 years since the first Halo was destroyed, and Spartan X was exiled for classified reasons. We are in a hell of a lot more trouble now then we were then.” Forge continued. “Maybe so, but since then, the Spartan programs have been rebuilt, and now there are Spartans like you and me who can take his place” Carol said, trying to be reassuring. Forge drank the rest of his coffee and tossed his cup in the trash bin. “I hope you're right, still, I've got a feeling something bad is gonna happen.” Forge walked out of the room and Carol was left back in silence. “I swear, he can be so intransigent sometimes. A little intractable too” she said to herself.



A few hours later, a certain Trace Walters walked into the room. He was the kid of the group, usually getting on everyone's nerves. Luckily he was an inventor, a very ingenious one at that, which kept him there in the first place. “Hey there Carol!” he shouted in his usual feisty tone. Carol sighed from aggrivation and turned to great him. “What is it Trace? I've been trying to fix the generators all day and I don't need any distractions.” Trace smiled and pulled out what looked like a Plasma Pistol. “Check it out! Guess what this is?” he said happily. Carol stared at the gun and shruged, “A plasma pistol?” she asked. “Nope! It's a translating device! It used to be a plasma pistol, but by changing a few wires and adding some parts, I can make a translator out of it!” Carol rolled her eyes behind her helmet and did her best to ignore him. “Wanna see it work?” he pestered. “Look Trace, everyone here speaks the same language, heck the Covenants ever speak English. I doubt you'll ever need to use that thing,” she replied. “You may be right, well, I'll see you later I guess” Trace said in a dolorous tone, exiting the room as he did.



The next day came and everything went on as normal. Carol had finished fixing the generators and retreated to her room for some sleep. Hours passed and the alarms began to ring. Carol jumped out of her sleep, picking up her Battle Rifle and ran down the hall. Everywhere she could hear explosions and men yelling in pain. `What's going on?' she thought as she ran outside. To her awe and amazement, dozens of Covenant ships were appearing from a rift in the sky. Wraiths and Ghosts were lowered to the ground, and hundreds of Grunts, Elites, Jackals, and Hunters poured from the ships. It was an all out invasion! Before she knew it, a Jackal had her in it's sights and fired. The shot grazed Carol's shoulder and caused her to fall down. It didn't do any damage, but she remembered to be more circumspect next time. “I've got to find Forge, and Trace also!” she said quietly as she snuck through the rocks protruding from the ground. She did her best to stay hidden, shooting a few Grunts in the head as she searched for her friends. A loud roar came from about 20 feet ahead of her. It was a Brute, looking at bit florid as it charged into her comrades, taking three out at a time. She had to make sure she avoid them, as she ran behind a nearby pillar for cover, searching for Forge and Trace.



To be Continued…

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