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The Chatroom

by leetpawnmaster

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Basically, an online chatroom with references to the Matrix, Red vs. Blue, Halo, World of Warcraft, and other such things. Multi part series of humor and basic stupidity. Thanks for over 150 views... especially if you liked it!

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Chapter 1, Matrix.Chat ep.1

Neo3006: The Matrix has you.

Neo3006: You may not realize it, but it does.

Neo3006: Even right now, you are a subject to the matrix.

Neo3006: You will only be free if you join our fight.

noobthrasor54: I am not goin to join ur noob clan, you all suxxor.

Neo3006: No, you don't understand, this is all a computer simulation.

Frankruulz: Hi, what are both of you talking about?

noobthrasor54: YOur mother!!!!!!!11!!!!

Frankruulz: Dude, that was just sad. :-(

noobthrasor54: yeh, like ur MOMM!!!

Neo3006: Both of you, SHUT UP! Secondly, who the hell uses smileys?

MasterChief3657391: HALO 2 RULEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neo3006: I'm being flooded by imbeciles.

Frankruulz: not completely… I'm here.

noobthrasor54: How is that supposed to help?

MasterChief3657391: help what?

Neo3006: Oh never mind… I just come in here to help save all mankind, and then I get to be completely ignored.

noobthrasor54: Man… u typed that fast.

Neo3006: see what I mean.

Donutpwnr: hi guys.

Frankruulz: Did someone just say something?

MasterChief3657391: Does it look as though someone just said something?

Donutpwnr: it's me.

Neo3006: There it went again.


Frankruulz: Let me guess noobthrasor54... you majored in... English?

Donutpwnr: Sorry, didn't realize the background color.

noobthrasor45: STUPID NOOB.

Neo3006: turn of the caps lock.

Frankruulz: ...did your number just change?

noobthrasor54: What are u talking about?

MasterChief3657391: Hey Noob; stop talking with “u” and “ur” it gets old quick. 

noobthrasor54: no it doesnt.

Neo3006: yeah... it does.

Donutpwnr: I agree.

noobthrasor54: Hey, you haven't even been here too minutes.

Neo3006: two minutes.

noobthrasor54: shut it. not my fault this stupid thing doesn't have spell check on it.

Donutpwnr: we do live in a society with things called dictionaries in it.

MasterChief3657391: ... hey. What happened to that Frank dude?

Donutpwnr: who's frank?

noobthrasor54: he was that blue fag.

Frankruulz: hey, don't call people that. Anyways I just went to go get some popcorn. Now that I'm back, is everyone happy?

noobthrasor54: No, I was enjoying the era of anti fag.

Frankruulz: I said: Stop calling me a fag.


MasterChief3657391: Would ya'll two stop fighting like a married couple?

Donutpwnr: Doesn't anyone here have intelligent conversations?

Neo3006: I tried, but they won't listen. the red one is an idiot, the blue one has popcorn, and the orange one won't help.

noobthrasor54: i aint maried to theat frank fag!!!!!11!!!!!

Frankruulz: I Am Not A Fag You Idget

MasterChief3657391: Now i wish that i had some popcorn.

noobthrasor54: whats a idget?

Neo3006: He's basically calling you a very dumb person. And why do you want popcorn?

MasterChief3657391: Because... it is delicious.

Frankruulz: actually it is the combination of the words idiot and midget.

Donutpwnr: I like burgers better than popcorn personally.

noobthrasor54: I AM NOT SHORT!!!!!!!

MasterChief3657391: Only grunts like burgers. Stupid burger eating grunt.

HordeOrc345: Halo 2 is a horrible excuse of a multiplayer game.

Frankruulz: okay, i'm sorry. You are no longer short, mighty Noobthrasor.

MasterChief3657391: Oh you son of a covenant! YOu take that back you elf molester!

Donutpwnr: Would everybody please stop fighting.

HordeOrc345: I would rather play multiplayer solitaire than Halo 2


MasterChief3657391: I will shove a plasma grenade so far up you; it will take at least four trolls to dig it out.

MasterChief3657391: Also... nice color choice.

Neo3006: Sorry, i was playing solitaire. Did i miss anything?

Donutpwnr: Turn off your caps lock.

HordeOrc345 has left the room.

noobthrasor54: sorry.

Neo3006: did i ever tell you that you all are insane.

Frankruulz: not all of us, just red and orange

noobthrasor54: Shut it blue.

MasterChief3657391: wow... you sounded like Sarge for a second there.

noobthrasor54: Who's sarge?

MasterChief3657391: ... have you ever watched Red vs. Blue.

noobthrasor54: no

Frankruulz: No

Donutpwnr: i have

Neo3006: Heard of it.

MasterChief3657391: you have donut?

Donutpwnr: Yep

MasterChief3657391: That explains the name

MasterChief3657391: Why don't you just shorten the name, and for fun, change into a more suiting color.

Donutpwnr: Allright

noobthrasor54: What the heck is going on? Teell me!!

Frankruulz: Yes, please do “teell.”

Donut: how's this?

MasterChief3657391: fitting.

Frankruulz: ...

Neo3006: ...

noobthrasor54: ...

Donut: It is light RED, not pink.

Neo3006: Okay, it's official: you are all verrry disturbed.

MasterChief3657391: We ain't disturbed, you're just not connected.

Neo3006: NOT CONNECTED? I have already told you all: We are all inside a giant computer program!

HordeOrc345: I'm back, what are ya'll arguing about now?

Frankruulz: Neo and Grif are arguing on something.

Donut: Ha! You just called Chief “Grif” You have watched RvB!

Frankruulz: shut it Donut.

MasterChief3657391: Would you drop it! We are NOT connected to a system! We all saw the Matrix, so drop it!!!

HordeOrc345: Why is “Donut” pink also?


noobthrasor54: I never saw the matrix.

HordeOrc345: Okay... Sorry dude.

Frankruulz: You never saw the Matrix?

noobthrasor54: I just never saw it. Big deal.

Neo3006: I feel as if my joke has been wasted.

Donut: No, it was a good parody; but you just happened to come across the wrong group to try it on.

MasterChief3657391: why don't you watch it right now?

noobthrasor54: what?

MasterChief3657391: It is coming on in 5 minutes on FX.

Donut: Hey, we can watch it!

HordeOrc345: Duh.

Neo3006 has left the room.

MasterChief3657391: has left the room.

noobthrasor54 has left the room.

Donut has left the room.

HordeOrc345 has left the room.

Frankruulz: Saw the Matrix enough times as it is.

Frankruulz: wow, it is boring in here.

1337pwn^^45+3r: |-|3y |\|00b! 1'll +4k3 u 0|\| 1|\| C5!!!!

Frankruulz has left the room.

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