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The Vampire's Despair

by Peridot Crow

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A vampire reflects on his unlife.

The Vampire's Cry

The Vampire's Cry

By Crow

They came, came in the night all those years ago and took me from myself.

They took, took my life and killed it, then tossed it back, undead.

I lie, lie starving, disgustingly awake and revoltingly alive.

I strive, strive to find a feeling other than the lust for killing, the lust for blood.

It floods, floods my mind and soul, the screaming silence that mocks me.

I see, see the pale skinned murderer and long fanged monster that I am.

I cry, cry to the god who I once believed in, who I once thought true.

I wallow, wallow in the darkened pits of Hell, where all but my body now dwells.

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