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Seductive Voices

by StarShade

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A fantasy world...somewhere in my mind


The mist rises from the water as the sun sets the sky ablaze.

Winds play with my hair, it feels like many tiny hands.

The scent of wild lavender relaxes my body and calms my soul.

Soft sands are my bed as I lay back to soothe my restless spirit.

As I begin to relax my mind opens. It is able to take in all my eyes see, water sprites playing at the lakes edge.

My emerald eyes dance as I watch them play and frolic in the waves. Their blue bodies and white hair blending perfectly with the water and the foaming wave caps.

From the woods behind, my ears hear the fairies calling for me to come and dance with them.

My spirit belongs with the sprites yet my heart longs to dance in the fairy circles.

The water would surround and engulf my spirit and never let it soar.

The fairies would seduce my heart and never would I love another.

And so my body stays in the world where the mist rises from the water and the sky is set ablaze.

My spirit will dream and soar and my heart free to love.

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