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Free Spirit

by StarShade

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My view of a soul ready to move on


In the blackness of night my life has ended.

The sun rises in the eastern sky blending it from the black of night to the fiery colors of morning.

Lay my body upon a pyre, my spirit is awaiting release.

As flames are set to wood there is a sigh heard on the wind, it is the Goddess calling my home.

My spirit grows restless when it hears Her voice in the rustle of leaves.

The growing flames lick at the skin, slowly setting this earthly vessel ablaze.

As the body returns to ash this fitful spirit rises with the blackened smoke to follow the delicate voice to Her loving embrace.

Following so many years of torment, my spirit falls, exhausted, into Her safe embrace and is at rest.

Now the darkest night shines with many brilliant stars and the fiery colors of morning are beckoning, not daunting.

The warmth upon my face is invigorating and inspiring.

I am no longer afraid.

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