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The Beach

by StarShade

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True love?


The sea and sky go on forever, it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Walk with me along the beach, feel the waves gently lap at our feet, as the mist kisses our faces.

Feel your hand in mine, our fingers intertwined.

Please sit with me and watch the sunset turn the sky to fire, as I wrap you in my embrace.

Do you feel the delicate touch of my breath on your neck?

Do you feel the soft touch of my fingers in your hair?

Do you hear me whisper sweet sonnets in your ear?

Do you see the tears of joy fall as I realize my true love for you?

My heart craves you.

My hands seek to touch you.

My ears ache to hear you.

My eyes yearn to see you.

My voice forever whispers Ti Amo.

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