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by Angel

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Hush the silence

Hush the silence. Hush your lips, your tongue, the breath that you spit out into hate. hush your heart that pounds with anger, hush that judgemental gaze.

you have to be silent, so quiet to hear it. Listen.. Just listen... Can you hear it? That's me quietly breaking. That is a nightmare tearing me up and down from limb to limb. You could only hear it if your humbled. If you hush. Hush that mind.

Now open your eyes. Look into mine. Look into the sparkling crevices of my green pools of sorrow. It's not hard to see the pain in them. There's no hiding the truth that lies in my eyes. Even when I smile, my eyes whimper a sad story to anyone who cares to notice.

Now touch me. Touch me softly and attentively. Feel my tired body. It has taken a lot. Feel me being pulled down the the earth, stress and anguish being the strings that have laced through and under my skin, then sinking deep into the darkness of the ground below me.. Pulling me down into a grave of tangled torment.

Sense me. understand me. Dont judge.. Let me have whatever peace I may find.

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