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Spartan Wars

by Android

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A machinima script, about a few groups fighting each other, problems and eventually the conventant.



Spartan Wars: Episode One: Down Comes Vistors

[Elongation with Captian Sil and Commander Xeon]

Sil: Captain's Log: June 4, 2560. It has been a couple of years since this MasterChief man has wiped out most of the Covenant Armada, leaving me breathless, and almost jobless. But then I come across rouge spartans and find a new reason to live. A year after, here I am Captain of a great team and most of the Cowen Commandment. Life is great, but I am in need of some chocolate cake. I also despise living in 500 pounds of battle armor. I am also pondering the whereabouts of my own partner Xeon. In the effort of finding him I will end...transmission...

[sil turns]

Sil: How long have you been there?

Xeon: Enough to figure why you have the therapist on speedial... You do know that you actually don't have a Voice Recorder built in do you?

Sil: It helps my self esteem.

Xeon: Just what the doctor ascribed.

[Sil and Xeon start walking toward the screenings.]

SIl: Well Xeon, how's our recruits doing?

Xeon: Apparently they just landed.

Sil: Do they know that they're on uncharted area?

Xeon: No, actually we told them they're on vacation.

Sil: They actually believed that?

Xeon: One of them did.

Sil: Must be overworked.

Xeon: No, he's just stupid.

Sil: Oh.


[cutscene into halo2 campaign, spartans falling into the island.]

[goes into scene in Waterworks with Enjin and Boomer]

[Enjin and Boomer comes in]

Boomer: So you're telling me you agreed going here, knowing I was your forced partner for this damn Army, and you didn't even know where we were are?

Enjin: As much as I want to hear how much you love me, we have to find our video briefing. Now where's our car...

Boomer: What the? There ARE no cars we're stuck in this weird area in the middle of nowhere! Do you really think we can even DRIVE in this place full of pillars?

Enjin: If you imagine it.

Boomer: Damnit, i hate you.

Enjin: Denial's only the first step.


[back at the station]

Sil: So how many times have you sent our spartans to uncharted areas?

Xeon: Well considering they're supposed to be in at least four different groups, at least twelve. But of course in different times and different places.

Sil: what's the whole point of the separation?

Xeon: I don't know, you're the one who made the separation.

Sil: I did?

Xeon: Yeah.

Sil: I did?

Xeon: Yeah.

Sil: Really?

Xeon: Yeah really.

Sil: No waaay.


[back to the 2 man group.]

[warthog burning up, both behind it.]

Boomer: How..why..? But...

Enjin: I think my job here is done.

Boomer: You destroyed our only bastard..

Enjin: Well it didn't take much, I just had to take the carburetor, blown the exhaust pipe...

Boomer: That doesn't surprise me as much as the wrench you pulled out from your ass.

Enjin: Well why do you think i got the name Enjin?

Boomer: I hate you so much.

[three soilders come down their way.]

Enjin: Would you like me anymore if I told you that we had new visitors coming?

Boomer: Visitors?

Enjin: Well lets say hypothetically, we have some oncoming.. fellows.

[Boomer turns.]

Boomer: Oh, god damnit.

Malzane: Hey guys! Are you guys Squad Alpha? Guess what we arrre!

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