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Ganon's Stew

by Keenarnor

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This is for a Golden Wing Competition for Runic Tunic. Hope ya enjoy!

Zelda Poem

Ganon's Stew

One day Link was in the Lost Woods

Picking many types of berries and foods

When Zelda came rushing from nowhere!

Link knew she was obviously scared

“Help! Ganon is after me again!” she said

Link slapped his forehead and said “Not again!”

So Link got on his horse and took Zelda with him

For he knew the fight would be grim

Ganon was in the rode in front of them

Though he hada pot in front him full to the brim

Link became confused and stared at the pot

Since this had little to do with the pot

“Oh I'm glad you're here Link!”, Ganon said

“You are here just in time to try out my new stew!”

Link looked back at Zelda to see her giggling happily

“I wanted you to try Ganon's new Grape Bappily stew!”

Link jumped to the ground and walked to the pot

“You made it look like you were in danger just so I could try this?” Link said on the spot

Zelda walked over and had a taste and motioned Link to try some

Link just hunched over and sighed, seeing his time was wasted yet again

Last week it was Brown Magains and before that Ripe Plum

“You guys suck” Link said taking a sip

as he plotted for a way to get back at these dips.

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