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You're Not Here Anymore...

by Cursed Demoness

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Sakura's POV after Sasuke left for Orochimaru. I guess it's kind of a spoiler....

Even if I cried, you wouldn't turn around.

Even if I search, you're nowhere to be found.

When I begged, you didn't hear me.

But when I dream, you're always near me.

But when I wake, I cry again.




You're gone now, far away from me.

I called you name, but your face I couldn't see.

I saw instead somebody new.

Somebody not at all like you.

I knew you wanted payback.

But I never though that loyalty you lacked.



I thought you'd always be here.

I thought you'd never leave here.

I thought my love would make you stay,

But still, from Konoha you stray.

I knew you wanted power;

To you, am I just a flower?



I know I'm not the very best,

When battle puts me to the test.

But all those times, though sort of few,

I tried my best just for you.

I wanted you to stay.

But instead you walked away.



I asked your rival, Naruto,

To bring you back, bring you home.

And he promised me with all his soul,

He'd bring you home and save your soul.

But you still refused to come back.

And when he came, you attacked.



You made him break his honest word.

And he came back severely hurt.

You broke his trust from that day on.

With his friends, you don't belong.

He swears still that he'll find you.

I still hope that he does, too.



`Cause no matter how you've hurt me,

My dreams won't leave me be.

You were one of my own team.

I can't let go of you, it seems.

You're in my heart forever more,

But you're not here anymore.

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