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I Will Still Remember

by Cursed Demoness

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A poem I wrote which expresses my inner faith and respect for my friends as I leave them behind to start a new chapter in my life.



I Will Still Remember


Roses are red, violets are blue. 

Even if you forget me,

I will still remember you. 

My friend, with me you'll always be.


Trees are green, summer is warm,

Even though you forget me, 

Mem'ries come in swarms. 

And I will let them be. 


You could burn all my photos. 

Play that I was dead. 

But only you will know. 

Now you know I was ne'er dead.


No matter what you do, nothing that you say,

Will ever take away the image 

Of my face, not to this day. 

Not anyone will steal it, not the greatest mage.


You will always think, “Where is she now?” 

You will wonder every day,

Where I am, and in grief, bow. 

You will want to wither away.


Your head will pulse quite painfully,

Your viens will throb in grief. 

Your heart will grieve in misery. 

And you will cry out for relief.


You will look outside and wonder,

What I'm doing now. 

But my fate, do not ponder. 

Don't let the pressure make you bow.


Enjoy your life before you, too

Have to say goodbye. 

Because goodbyes are hard to do. 

I know, for now, I say goodbye.


Enjoy your friends while they last.

The golden ones will ne'er fade, 

From your mem'ries of the past.

The golden friends are good as jade.


If any path would lead to you,

I'd take it in an instant. 

But I may ne'er see you. 

No matter how I may repent.


Though you may not want to,

You will in time forget 

Of all the things I've done with you. 

May my love be your gorget.


If you do forget me,

Try not to remember, 

For I am like the leaf. 

Not ever gone forever.


I will float away to heaven,

Sail back down again.

And dance like the songs of Beethoven. 

And sing in the cold, sweet rain.


You will again remember it,

Remember who you've lost, 

And you must say goodbye. 

Forgetting what it costs.


For I will never see you,

You will not see me, 

Until the winds of time

Decide to let it be.


Until then, my dearest friends,

Please try not to grieve. 

I will still be with you. 

If you're willing to believe.


For even if you fade away,

Even if you forget me, 

I'll be with you every day, 

My heart is open, just come to me.


Do not be afraid,

I won't be gone forever. 

And even if you forget me,

I will still remember.



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