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Warrior's Speech of Courage

by Cursed Demoness

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This is one of three poems I wrote that goes with my series, "The Half Moon Personified". It's in Caroline's POV.

A Warrior's Speech Of Courage


My enemies surround me,

On every side they circle me.

Yet in this danger, I show nothing

But the cold readiness to fight.


Some would call it gruesome,

Others call it loathsome,

But I do it for my honor,

And for you, my friends and people.


I battle, yes, for pride,

You can see my ugly side,

But I battle for a deeper cause:

You, my friends and rivals.


I'll show you what I'm worth,

Yes, prove what I am worth,

I'll show you all that I can be 

As free as the tiny wren.


So stand back away right now, 

To my wrath, please do not bow,

Just please stand back a ways,

I do not wish to harm you.

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