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Things Warriors Must Suffer

by Cursed Demoness

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Also Caroline's POV. This one might also pop up in my story, as it seems like something Caroline might use to explain why she's so serious about the way she lives.

The Warrior's Eight-Fold Path



It's the pain of rejection.

It's the sadness of a loved one's death.

It's knowing you're in too deep.



It's weakness leaving the body.

It's what a betrayed friend feels.

It's knowing you can't turn back.



It's the wound of lost loved ones.

It's the pain of failure.

It's knowing you'll never break free.



It's anger directed at an enemy.

It's never forgiving those who wronged you.

It's knowing you must have revenge.



It's payback for a crime.

It's the acceleration of hatred.

It's knowing you have to win.



It's fighting to the end.

It's never looking back.

It's knowing your loved ones are proud of you.



It's forgetting your fear.

It's numbing your pain.

It's knowing there's no way but forward.



It's believing things can get better.

It's staying always on the right path.

It's knowing things will always be silver-lined.

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