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Together Again

by NegativeZero

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Everyday mai heart is breaking, / There's so much I wanna say,...

Everyday mai heart is breaking,
There's so much I wanna say,
But every morning that I am waking,
I cry that you couldnt stay,
I promised you forever,
But now that you are gone,
Inside I feel so empty,
I wish I could right the wrong,
And baby I just wanted you to knoe,
That mai heart will alwaise be yours,
Forever in a day,
Which will end nevermore.
The days pass so slowly,
The nights seem so long,
The days I use to hold you,
In the nights they kept me warm,
And gurl I'll alwaise miss you,
Our love together was pure,
I cant seem to stop crying,
The pain is too much for mai heart to endure,
So baby I'll be coming soon,
In your arms where I shall be,
I will follow you in heaven,
Where we'll be together again for eternity.

As she left him he said with his last words to the world..." I coming home to you... wait for me baby so we can both enter the gates together where our love can remain in forever..."

© 2003 TimZ

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