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Rin's favorite thing is her toy puppy. It seems to mean everything to her. Deprived of Rin's usual show of affection, Sesshoumaru should feel relieved but instead...maybe he's jealous?

Chapter 1,

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


=#= Handprint part 1 =#=


Sesshoumaru strode back down the path, internally grumbling over the irony that he, an inu taiyoukai, was fetching the toy that Rin had left behind like a common dog. Normally, such an errand was something he'd immediately delegate to Jaken—but the little green imp had returned empty handed twice and Sesshoumaru was tired of Rin's tears. With his superior sense of smell, locating the small stuffed animal was no problem. It wasn't the difficulty of the task that deterred him; it was the dignity that such a task offended.


But Rin, for whatever reason, was very attached to the little white puppy the girl Kagome had given her as a present. The toy was a source of comfort for Rin, and without it she would suffer from nightmares. Between that and the unnerving, rare occurrence of Rin's tears, he found himself willing to simply find the thing rather than endure her melancholy.


What was a minor inconvenience compared to restored harmony among his small group?


Sesshoumaru scowled.


Since when had he started to think of them as his?


The two headed dragon, dubbed Ahun by Rin, was his mount, but both Jaken and Rin followed him of their own free will. Both were tied to him by life debts; but he'd made no demands that they repay him. If anything, he was rather they not try to repay him and just leave him alone. It was just as well that he didn't make a habit of saving live. Otherwise he'd be trailing along as many, if not more companions than Inuyasha did.


He stopped, scanning the area slowly for the tell tale white of the stuffed animal. If he remembered right, this was the last place he'd seen Rin carrying it. His nose twitched ever so slightly as a breeze danced past him, teasing him with the smells it carried. Two steps down the trail, Sesshoumaru knelt, reaching into the snagging branches of a bush to pull out the slightly dirty, slightly abused looking puppy.


For a moment, he remained where he was, studying the toy in his grasp.Bits of scraps, thread, and stuffing were all it was, and yet it had the power to ward away Rin's nightmares.


His blade saved her life. His claws kept her safe. His presence was the centre about which her own existence revolved.


Yet it was the puppy she held close. The puppy that she petted and loved. The puppy that, when it went missing, she shed tears for.


Would she cry for him?


Sesshoumaru stood, eyeing the stuffed animal with the half formed intent of shredding it with his claws. Only the thought of returning empty handed kept him from destroying it.


It wasn't as if he envied the little toy the handling by dirty hands or the soaking of silent tears or the happy smiles.


He was a tai youkai. What need did he have for the affection of an orphaned girl?


His fingers closed around the toy just a little too tightly, his knuckles turning white. Without another word, he returned to camp, noting the way Rin's eyes lit with relief and joy. And the way they never strayed from the toy in his grasp to his own impassive face. With muted reluctance, he surrendered the puppy into Rin's reaching hands. He directed his gaze away, but there was no escaping the way his acute hearing picked up the reassuring words Rin whispered to her toy.


Abruptly, Sesshoumaru decided he'd rather be any where else but at their campsite. Striding off into the forest until the shadows hid him from view, he could not stop himself from stealing a backwards glance to see if she'd missed him.


From the way she cradled the puppy against her, he couldn't tell if she'd even noticed his departure.


Sesshoumaru paused a moment longer, his eyes on Rin. Then he disappeared into the shadows, alone in his solitude.



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