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A young girl lives with her psychotic mother who is battling with depression. Soon the attacks and weeping becomes too much for the youngster and she feels the only way she can really be free and safe s if she runs away.

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Chapter 1, Attack

The young girl ran down the hall, attempting to get as far away from her mother as possible

The young girl ran down the hall, attempting to get as far away from her mother as possible. How could love and compassion so quickly turn into hate and anger, it perplexed her. The girl turned, checking to see whether her own mother was still coming at her with the carving knife.

“Come here you little bitch,” the elder woman shouted. The daughter changed the direction she was travelling, this time turning to run up the stairs. The elder more hefty woman was no match for her smaller more agile young daughter. “I'll get you bitch.” The elder woman screamed up the stair way, her daughter ran to her room, slammed the door and dropped to the floor, back still against the door. She had grown accustomed to her mothers severe mood swings, but still in some cases they scared her. She knew it wasn't intentional on her mothers part, but she also knew she had to find a way out of the house. The girl was in fear of her own sanity, her own safety, her own life. The doctors didn't believe her mother was dangerous, time after time they just prescribed her the anti-depressants and sent her back home, without even so much as a committal warrant.

“Come out daughter. Face your punishment, you're always running scared.” The girl put her hands over her ears to block out her mothers shrill voice. She knew that if she hadn't run her mother would have hurt her, beaten her badly and then claimed it to be self-defence. It was no life, the way that the young girl lived. She had to constantly dodge her mothers attacks, her mothers fury. Her screams could not be heard, she felt so alone, so isolated living in this house with a mother fighting depression. She wasn't able to leave, at 15 years of age she had to endure another year of pain, of the crying, of the hurt.

“I'm sorry ma, I'm sorry.” The girl shouted back, tears streaming down her face. She just wanted this episode to end, just this one. She needed life to be back to the way it was. Nobody understands her pain, her sorrow. “I'm so sorry ma.” The girl kept saying, getting quieter by the minute. Soon the pounding of the door stopped, the screams disappeared. All was quiet apart from the sobs of the girl and now of her mother also. “Ma, why did you do that?” The girl asked her mother, looking at the door but not wanting to open it. She didn't want to face her mothers tears, she knew that all would be forgiven straight away if she saw her mother crying.

“I miss your father, you are the only thing that links me to him. And I hate it, I want you to die. I want to be alone, I want to kill you.” The elder woman got off the floor and walked away from her daughters door, the young girl sat. Bewildered at what her mother just told her, she knew her mother missed her dad, but she didn't realise to what extent.

“I'm sorry ma, I didn't want to cause you pain.” The girl said to herself. She got up from off the floor and walked to the window, looking out at the beautiful world below. How she longed to escape, to find somebody who would truly care for her, truly love her. It pained her to think of leaving her mother, but she knew that it was the only way she could start the healing process. It has been over a year since her fathers death, and yet…she can't seem to forget him. Her fathers passing was like a part of her leaving, he was the only one who truly understood her. Unlike her mother though, she didn't drop into depression. She done everything possible to keep herself sane in a household where she could have easily ended it all.

“I have to leave.” The girl said to herself, she set about putting essential items in a holdall. It was her last option, she tried to stay well for her mother. But now she must leave the house before it becomes the death of her. She knows that if she does not get out of the dangerous situation, she will not be alive to see her 16th birthday. The girl would rather live on the streets then live with her mother, and that was going to be her plan of action. After she had packed her holdall with the essentials and taken some money, she made a chain of bed sheets so she would touch down onto the garden ground safely. As the girl walked away with her things she turned back towards the house and whispered “Goodbye Mama.” She then walked away, hoping to find a place to stay for at the very least the night.

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