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by Alien Pirate Pixagi

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"We just need us, a surface, and wandering hands."

You were never anything more to me then you are, you were never something needing cherishing, like some precious, fragile little creature. Though your namesake says otherwise. I love you like I loved nothing and no one else in my life, like no one as ever loved, I suspect. Yet, I don't feel the troublesome necessity to shout this love from the treetops, or to write it on the faces of past and present Hokages. I love you like you should be loved, behind closed doors where I can shower all kinds of affection on your ever so sensitive skin.





You harbor so much strength within you, so much to fear, revere and love. You carry a light within your heart I've only been able to catch glimpses of in your smile, in your easy manner and the kindness you show others, in the kindness you show me.




I can feel this light within me now, I can smell you on every part of me. And I know it's not in my head; Kiba's noticed it as well. Your scent lingers, it creeps under my skin, into my hair, insidious like mercury, and just as deadly. You smell of the earth, of stone, you smell solid, strong, unbreakable.




I don't understand this love, I don't know why it exists but it does, it does for you and only you and I know not where it comes from. Our love is without the troublesome plot twists that are rampant in Ino's romance novels. I love you without exceptions, without conscience.




There is no me, nor you. There is us, and the unit that we've become. We are all that matters. Not Ino with her insights, Naruto with his questions, not Neji with his scowls. We. That is all.




And as we blend together, wordlessly without misunderstandings between the sheets in our flat, we need no assurances, no questions, no need to wonder if the other wants this, no need to stop and look for consent in each other's eyes. None of it…




We just need us, a surface and wandering hands. We just need a cool day of rain pounding against the windows and no missions to threaten to render us apart eternally. We just need each other, and no other cares in the wide world.


AN: I don't want to give away the pairing, though I think it should be obvious. Enjoy.

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