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Unexpected Encounter

by ArticTiger

Libraries: Action, Adventure, Drama, Naruto, Series

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Osiris age 4 traveling with Ophelia and his Mother's Guardian panter Midnight to the Leaf Village, until halfway they run into trouble. Who is this person that stopped this? Read & find out.



Unexpected Encounter












Osiris was 4 years old by accompanied Ophelia with in the Suna relaxing. He was delighted that his mother gave birth to twins. A boy & girl. Alexander the first-born and Sykler born only 10 minutes apart. Happy times right now going on; he wanted to help out his mother for anything she needed. Finished relaxing in the Sauna, Osiris leaves with Ophelia and heads off to the Leaf Village where he was going to the store to buy a few things for himself to snack on. Going with him was his mother's big black cat Midnight to keep an eye out on little Osiris and Ophelia. Upon his way to the village, he was in the forest. Unaware that there were a few rouge ninjas following him.


Midnight caught the scent of trouble and headed to the leader of the rouge ninjas. "Hey.. Midnight where are you going?" yelled Osiris worried of what caused the big cat to attack someone that he didn't even notice or seen. 6 ninjas appeared before Ophelia and him. He didn't know how to fight just yet, he was too young for that yet. He dodged each attack coming from every direction.. nearly missing each attack. All of a sudden he was surrounded by three ninjas.


Inside of Osiris's body reacted to defense mode. One ninja came after him, Osiris opened his mouth where his tongue extended out of his mouth, wrapping the attacker.. his body lifted and flew straight ahead to the attacker. an object was protruding out of his mouth, a sword. he stabbed his attacker killing him instantly. After that, his sword retraced back along with his tongue in his mouth.. unexpected by all of this he began to cough, as if something was chocking him. The other ninja's coming in for an attack on him.


Osiris remembered what his mother did a few years ago when someone tried to attack both his mother & himself. He made one hand signal. "Poison Blood Mist Jitsu!" with that said a vortex of black mist formed around his feet, then swarming the area around himself killing all of the ninjas. Dropping like flies around him, now was his chance to escape with Ophelia.




Catching his breath, he was in shock of what just took place, he bent over grabbing his stomach in pain, small amounts of blood coming out as he coughed again. It hurt him, so much so that a few tears escaped his eyes. Ophelia shield Osiris, she saw the leader of the Rouge Ninjas.


The leader of the Rouge Ninja returned now standing in front of both Ophelia and Osiris. "Well, well.. so it's true, Orochimaru's son does exist. I'm going to enjoy your death Snake freak!" before the leader could strike, something caught him off guard when he felt a kitana sword stabbed through his back and stopping in the middle of his chest. The leader over heard a menacing voice. "You first mistake was to try and kill my son, how pathetic to even call yourself a rouge leader of the ninjas when you are going to kill a child." *He gave his kitana sword a twist.. letting the leader know he meant Death*


The leader is killed instantly; the man behind him untwisted the sword freeing it from the now lifeless body in front of him. The body drops hard on the ground. Dust rising from the falling body. Osiris still coughing, he forced himself to look up to see who it was that saved him. His tears blurred his eyes. Blinking a few times, now a better view Osiris's eyes widen.


The man that stood a few feet away from him was tall, and had the same hair & eye color as his. The man came close and knelt down beside Osiris. "Take a deep breath, and let if out slowly." Osiris did just that, and found himself freed from the harsh coughing. He looked up at the man before him and asked: "Who.. who are you?" asked Osiris. A cold white hand reached out to Osiris's face: "I am your Father" said Orochimaru. The little boy flinched at first. He remembered what his father said. his step-father told him about his real Father & his name. "Your Orochimaru-Sama.. you are my Father?" asked Osiris. Orochimaru nodding to his son. "Tell me, what did you mother name you?" asked Orochimaru. "My momma named me Osiris."




Orochimaru's eyes widen slightly, surprised at the ancient name Dawn has given him. "That is a very good name she gave you; did your mother tell you where that name originated from?" Osiris nodded: "She said that it originated nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt. That is all I know, she said that I would learn more about the name when I get older." said Osiris.




A moment of silence. Osiris flung to Orochimaru, hugging his true Father. Orochimaru shocked, he then heard his son cry. "Mommy said that you died before I was born; a lot of people wanted me dead for whatever reason. Most of them saying that I was a freak and I deserve to die. They also called my mommy bad names." said Osiris still sobbing. His tiny little hands wrapped around Orochimaru's neck his fingers webbed in between his hair. Orochimaru embracing his son, a flash back of his past of himself loosing his parents. "Those people know nothing about you or your mother; I suppose she killed those that tried to attempt to do harm to you." asked Orochimaru.




Osiris mumbled something, but Orochimaru didn't hear what he said. "Does.. does mommy know you're alive?" asked Osiris. "I don't think she does, why do you ask?" asked Orochimaru. "Mommy is with my step-father, they just had twins. I don't think he like me." said Osiris. "What make you think that?"


"I seem to make him feel horrible, like I was never wanted or something. But since my mommy had the twin babies he's been with then more than me. He's not my real father." said Osiris. Before Orochimaru was going to say something, he was shocked to hear what his son said to him. "Daddy. Do you still love my mommy even though she's with my step-father?" asked Osiris.




Orochimaru loss for words between the moment of his son calling him daddy, and his son asking him if he still loved his mother. "I still do love your mother, however she has someone in her life now, she sounds like she's happy, now that you became a big brother to your new twin siblings." said Orochimaru. Ophelia still stunned at Orochimaru seeing him there and alive. “I know, but my Step-Father always says bad things about you mainly when he's either talking to my mommy or to his friends. Why does he hate you so much?” asked Osiris. Orochimaru somewhat lost for words to even remotely bring up how he met his mother, and what all had happen to his 4 year old son. “Once you're a little older, then I can tell you what all happened.” Said Orochimaru. Pulling his son off him slightly to get a better look at him. Osiris had all of his features except for the purple markings, instead it was black. His son was a spitting image of Orochimaru when he was a child.


“Everyone in the Sand village says that your old, but you don't look old to me; I think it's because you are different form all the others.” Said Osiris. Leaving Orochimaru to smirk at his son's comment. “Hmm really; and just how old do you think I am?” Asked Orochimaru slightly amusing question yet dying to know the answer. “I don't know, Umm 40 something?” said Osiris, earning a chuckle form his Father.


“Osiris, we still have to head off to the village remember?” said Ophelia. Osiris turning to Ophelia agreeing, turning back to hug his Father tightly. Just before Osiris let go, he wanted to know something. “Are you with anyone Daddy?” asked Osiris. “Yes, I am, and she is due to have a baby in a few weeks. She's having a girl, so your going to be her big brother when she gets older.” Said Orochimaru.


“I am, I'm going to be her big brother; * Osiris points to Ophelia * Aunty Ophelia is going to have another baby too; but not for another few months.” Said Osiris. Ophelia literally stunned * OMG, how.. how did he know I was caring a baby * Midnight returns to the group, and realized Orochimaru was there. Normally he would growl but for some reason he didn't he didn't sense any threat form him at all.






OK I gotta head off to bed here... I'll continue this more later on




Lemmi know what you think of this so far Big Smile

















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